Saturday Night Hair- Friday Night Prep

DIY Wavy waves
DIY Wavy waves

Saturday night plans? Date night? Valentine’s Day??

Whatever you’re headed out to do on Saturday, if you want some big wavy hair all it takes is a little Friday night prep and Saturday spent in buns. Yes, this also means that you’re staying in on Friday. It’s okay your liver and your wallet will thank you, and the hair will be worth it. On the upside, this means that you get to pamper yourself a little! Maybe order delivery for dinner or pick up on your way home from work. Here are 4 easy steps to DIY wavy waves:

Step 1:

At some point on Friday night you need to wash your hair. The earlier the better to get a start on the drying time. I like to do some extra skin care now too, it IS Friday so why not give yourself a little spa night? Try a face mask, a nice body scrub, or a lavender bubble bath…Or all 3!

Step 2:

Towel dry hair and brush or comb out completely. Divide hair from ears up, like you were do a half-up pony. Basically dividing front to back and secure back section in hair tie. You may need to comb out again after parting. Now take the front section, part and divide down the center. Comb out again and twist each section into bun as close to your forehead as possible. Secure with bobby pins or, my favorite hair tool EVER- the SPIN PIN by Goody! Comes in these two sizes and will hold any buns securely together. These spin pins have really been my saving grace with all the hair I have.

Goody~ Spin Pin
Goody~ Spin Pin

Now take the back section and divide down the center making 2 more buns as close to the top of your head as possible. This is for 2 reasons. 1. so you can sleep comfortably without having to lay on the buns. 2. the closer the buns are to the top of your head the more waves and volume you’re going to get. When you’ve made all 4 buns it should resemble this:

Divide into 4 sections & pin buns
Divide into 4 sections & pin buns

You can see my hair is a little drier here because I used the blow dryer quickly. My hair is so thick it would take over 24 hrs to completely dry in the buns. In hindsight, I could’ve left it a bit more wet.

Step 3:

Now just wait. Approximately 12-16 hours. Or until all the hair, down to the center of the buns are dry. I prefer to wait until after I shower to prep for my Saturday night out. So keep in mind you may not want to be out running errands in the afternoon with little buns on your head. I try to make that Saturday a late breakfast and cleaning/laundry day. Yes, the buns will get messy and kind of fall apart. its okay, just pin them back together, sometimes I even clip claws around them to secure while I’m cleaning.

Step 4:

Take all buns out and FINGER COMB ONLY!!! This shouldn’t be a problem since you combed it out before you made the buns. Tousle around with finger to blend the back part we made during the bun process. Now here’s where we’ll get our volume, simply make a deep to semi-deep side part and flip hair over the boring, flat center part we made during the bun process. Voila! Spray with hairspray all around and even with your head hanging upside-down.

DIY waves DIY waves

I love my locks but I hate when they’re in my face. For my final product I also added a pretty barrette to hold the hair back.

Ready to go!
Ready to go!


Do you have any DIY wave tips of your own to share?

Author: Lauren

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