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All Things Lavender Festival 2017

This past weekend my birthday wish to go to the Lavender Fest came true! We spent a lovely few days up in Door County at our favorite bed and breakfast. And to celebrate my 36th trip around the sun I want to attend the Lavender Festival on Washington Island and see the fields while in bloom. Well my hubby made it happen!

It’s a bit of a journey to get there, and since it IS on an island, a ferry ride is required. We drove up to the top of the peninsula and hopped on the passenger ferry. On a nice day, it’s a calm and relaxing ride across the lake. To accommodate the amount of people attending the festival, they had trolleys running to and from the ferry and the farm. This was also a nice ride filled with a lot of trees and rural scenes.

Lavender Fest Lavender Fest Lavender Fest Lavender Fest Lavender Fest Lavender Fest

Once we arrived at Fragrant Isle’s lavender farm we had some kabobs and salad with a lavender vinaigrette. I was surprised at how much I liked it! Then we went to explore the fields and festival, shop for lavender goodies and of course take 1000 pics. Even encountered another blogger and her mom, and exchanged playing photographers for each other. Sadly, we were too caught up and did not exchange info. But we had a great time (me probably a little more than my husband) and I thought it was a perfect way to spend my birthday afternoon!

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