The 90’s called and they want to use you for your pool….

The very first post of 2015, snow covering everything here in Milwaukee and I’m writing about swimwear. There I stood in the middle of January trying on suits with knee socks on because the dressing room floor was so cold. Yet, I pressed on. I am not usually one to advocate buying early or at full price. But ladies, you have to get in early on swimwear before it gets picked over. Especially if you’re not shopping for designer swimwear. Which I doubt I ever will be. Therefore, as I walked into Target and saw all the freshly merchandised little bikini’s hanging like just ripened fruit for the picking, I had to get first pick. For once! There was even an associate still hanging some on the racks…

After scouring through pics of Miami Swim Week 2015 and shopping Target Swim 2015, I can definitely say, The 90’s are back!

My 2015 swimwear winner:

Target Swim
Target Swimsuit~ top $17.99, bottom $14.99


Target~ Swimwear Target~ Strappy hip Target~ Swimwear cut-out detail Target~ Swimwear



Here are my favorite trends:

Constrast Outlines & Stitching

VS Coral w/ Black outline & Structured cup VS Floral w/ Black outline VS-Swim-2015 Wildfox- Black and white contrast bikini Target~ Contrast stitching Target swim


High-waisted bottoms w/ Structured cup tops

High-waisted bikini High-waisted bikini

Cut-outs (Especially at the hip)

Sporty w/ top & hip cut-outs VS~ strappy hip VS-Swim-2015~ strappy details Target swin

Ruffle Tops

Striped Ruffle top Wildfox~ Ruffle top pink Target swim


Crafty Details: Embroidery, Crochet & Braids

frankie- crochet 1-piece Target~ detail Target~detail Target~ detail

Patterns, colors, and more patterns!

hoffman - Patterns Target swim



*I am not affiliated with Target in any way, except that I am under their shopping spell when I enter the store. Here is why I really do love their swim collection:

They are almost always sold as separates. There may be some of us that wear the same size bottom as top. But it is very nice to have the option. As I’ve gotten older, my hips have widened, so now I sized up on bottoms, or I’d just muffin over those coordinating to my top. No one likes muffins at the pool! This also makes it easier to mix and match colors or styles. Which will come in very handy when you walk in during the month of May and need to make use of what’s left in stock.

Selection is quite diverse. Of course they have the tiniest and most trendy suits right up front laughing at you in your coat and hat-hair. Target manages tone down and/or adapt the trends for real people going to their local pool or beach. But along the wall they also carried all of the standard swim in a variety of colors and styles! Now they’ve made it so darn easy for these items to get into my cart.

Reasonably priced. It may quite possible be the best priced quality swim suits on the general market. If you live anywhere in the North East or Midwest like I do, you know realistically how much use you will get out of this item. It’s hard to justify something for the weather we only see 3-4 months out of the year. Each piece was $20 or less. Making your new suit under $50 after tax. Let’s be real, that can still be a decent chunk out of your budget. So make sure you really love it and will actually wear it. I just recently threw away a target bikini I bought 12+ year ago and that was only due to the elastic breaking down. The quality will hold up if it’s the right size and you can add it to your collection. There was a 3-4 year period where I didn’t purchase a new suit at all! Simply rotated the Target faves I already owned.


….now for the task of actually trying them on. It’s okay. We’re all pasty right now and most of us will never look like these models above. So stop comparing yourself to them! The positive to buying in January is that you will have plenty of time to get into bikini shape. Let that $50 suit you treated yourself to be the motivation to feel great in, when summer does roll in. Maybe you are lucky enough to be going on vacation, maybe you just need a reminder that warmer temps are coming. Either way, having a cute suit that you feel excited about will definitely help you LOVE LIVING IN YOUR LIFE! This summer and many to come.



Is swimwear on your shopping  radar yet?

Author: Lauren

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