Spring Accessory Additions

A few pretty little things…

Stud Trio
Stud Trio
Studs & Scarves
Studs & Scarves
Statement Studs ~ Pacific Opal
Statement Studs ~ Pacific Opal
Infinity Pashminas
Infinity Pashminas


AAAAAAAHHHH…… we’re finally getting that warm up and relief from frigid temps! Since the new year I’ve been busy finishing details in the Milwaukee house, sewing window treatments and designing my home office space. Which led me to one of my favorite stores, World Market in search of office furniture. This is also one of my favorite places to shop for reasonably priced accessories. So naturally I had to check out the merchandise. Almost all the snow is melted and we are on the verge of the first day of Spring as well as Easter. Which means it’s time to start brightening up our wardrobes, and of course, PASTELS!!! Warning: The World Market scarf game is pretty fierce this year. Florals, solids, poms and tassels! There were at least 20 to choose from! Which also meant 20 minutes of me trying them on in their mirror. Surprisingly I did not choose a print… My obsession with the color mint seems to know no bounds, so that was a solid no-brainer (pun intended). The periwinkle just touched the Crayola kid in me, as that was probably my favorite crayon in the whole box. Plus, periwinkle is a great compliment for any skin tone and especially blue eyes.


Lauren has learned….

why I like to start my Springtime updates with accessories first:

1. Everyone in the Midwest knows that we’re not nearly out of the woods yet and we’ll be on a temperature roller coaster for a while. Realistically we’ll still be wearing coats for a couple more months. Adding Spring scarves and accessories to your winter coat just plain makes sense! While we’re wearing outwear what can we still show off? Shoes, bags, scarves and earrings. Scarves and earrings are less expensive, easier/more frequently changed, and not as much of a style commitment as shoes and bags. I like to do a little more research and a little more clothes shopping before I choose Spring/Summer shoe and bag purchases.

*Pairing the studs with the scarves is also smart as they do not dangle and create another snag hazard for your pretty pashmina. **Try the scarves on with your winter coat and choose something that can also work as a cozy accessory for chilly summer nights and over air-conditioned restaurants. 

2. Scarves, earrings, and necklaces are all worn on or near our heads and faces. Having these new and brighter pieces closer to you will make you truly embrace and enjoy the refreshing feeling of putting on some new spring colors after a long, drab winter! Seriously! When we look in the mirror, we look at our face. When we take pictures, we typically take them from the waist or chest up. Wearing new pieces near your face will help you showcase them for others’ and your own accessory enjoyment! So even on that bathroom break at work, you’ll catch your new earrings shining back at you in the mirror and will be happy with your own Spring Accessory Additions!

I think my favorite is the mint scarf which will get SO much wear! What’s your favorite Spring 2015 accessory so far?



My Spring Accessory Additions:

Gold Swarovski Stud Trio ~ $12.99

Pacific Opal Statement Studs ~ $7.99

Mint Infinity Pashmina ~ $9.99

Periwinkle Infinity Pashmina ~ $9.99

all by World Market

Author: Lauren

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