Long Camel Coat

Long Camel Coat Long Camel Coat Long Camel Coat Long Camel Coat Long Camel Coat Long Camel Coat

I’m SO in love with my new Winter coat! You could say this was a Christmas present to myself. As my personal outerwear story is a tale of woe…

After buying a bright yellow puffy coat in college I decided I wanted “pretty” coats and began my coat collection by charging a red wool peacoat from JCrew. Over the next few years I grew my coat collection to include an array of styles and weights. A Members Only jacket, a sky blue Kenneth Cole trench, a beautiful winter white wool dress coat my mom bought me. Then, circa 2009, during a move to escape the worst roommate, the box of outerwear did not make it to the new apartment. I stalked the moving company to no avail.

Once Winter arrived I was broke and coat-less. But I DID have an Express charge card, where I found a GORGEOUS indigo blue military-style wool coat. I got compliments on it everywhere I went. Two years later after dancing the night away in Chicago, my coat was the only thing missing among our pile of jackets and purses! It was February and 2am, and I had no coat. I had to work the next afternoon and still had no coat. With about 30 min to shop I headed to Express once again hoping for a miracle in their outerwear sale section. Well I found that miracle. One of the only 3 on the rack in my size, a black dress coat with a faux fur collar for $30. Jackpot! I bought it, put it on in the store and hopped in a taxi to work. From February 2011 until November 2016 when I needed a maternity coat, I only had this black sale jacket. (If it was cold enough I did wear a hand-me-down North Face that was long, brown, too small and kinda ugly. But beggars cant be choosers!)

December 2017 after lint rolling and fuzz busting the black coat to death I decided it was time to treat myself to a nice long camel coat. I had always wore black and grey coats ad wasn’t sure how my skin tone would look in the camel. I hit a few stores and finally landed in Banana Republic who was have a 50% off outwear sale. Okay! This particular coat wasn’t even in store. I tried on another for sizing and ordered off the tiny picture on the associates handheld device. Worst case scenario I take it back, but I had to secure that sale price!

The new coat arrived right before Christmas. It fit my broad shoulders and petite frame perfectly! Just the right length to wear over dresses and for extra winter warmth. My favorite details are the slightly belled sleeves. They add a bit more femininity and formality to the long camel coat. I’ve already gotten TONS of compliments on it from people from my chiropractor to the guy at the hardware store and everyone in between. Still loving the red plaid scarf with the camel color. Now I just need some new black leather gloves.

I love this coat and I guess so does everyone else, so naturally I should blog it! However, this long camel coat is nowhere to be found on the internet. The good news is that this is an easy and extremely classic look. I can’t imagine a long camel wool coat ever going out of style! Link to the most similar I could find –> Long Camel Coat


Photography by Amanda Vick Creative





Author: Lauren

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