Lillian ~ 9 Months Old

My sweet little baby girl turned 9 months old today. Feels like a milestone… 9 months in and 9 months out. 18 months of motherhood. Holy cow! What was life even before Lillian?

I’ve been doing her monthly pics on this blanket since she was born. I’m bound and determined to make it all the way to 12 months. But she’s so mobile and curious now. I was seriously skeptical about how today’s 9 month pics were going to go. Would I get at least one pic before she pulls the blanket up and puts the faux flowers in her mouth? Turns out, I let her do what she wanted and I got some amazing pics of this exquisite little human’s 9 months on the earth! Though I have 11 blogs in saved in draft mode right now, baby girl always comes first and I had to share Lily’s 9 months of making me love living in my life…

LCHenesy 9 months old LCHenesy 9 months old LCHenesy 9 months old LCHenesy 9 months old LCHenesy 9 months old LCHenesy 9 months old

…and then, approximately 7 minutes of me snapping pictures and her chewing on the blanket, she was off chasing the kitty. Today she also discovered what magnets are, after she scooted into the kitchen while I made us lunch. Then, somehow managed to purchase a movie with the Firestick remote from her crib after nap time!

Living this Stay-at-home-mom life is obviously much harder than one could anticipate. And simultaneously much more fulfilling than one could anticipate. After pregnancy loss, I’m literally living my #goalsachieved. Even when baby girl is screaming during my Target self-checkout, or needs to be held all morning before I’ve had my fruit and coffee, I’ll always put her first and give my all to little Lillian. I’m so lucky to be her mama and love living in my life every day since I saw that first positive pregnancy test!

Author: Lauren

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  • And she’s so lucky to have you! It’s wonderful to be able to see things through your child’s eyes and get an entirely new perspective. Stay at home mom is an extremely tough job, but well worth every minute. Love you girl !!