Holiday Rope Wreath

It’s officially November and officially the Holiday season! I love getting the house all cozy and cute as the cold weather creeps in, and every year I make more Christmas crafts to add to my Holidecor. This year I tried out and tied up a Scandinavian inspired rope wreath. It is super quick, pretty easy and gives off some serious Holiday hygge vibes! So today I’m sharing my DIY holiday rope wreath tutorial so you can get crafty this Christmas too….


  • 14″ embroidery hoop
  • 50′ of rope
  • 4 medium wood beads
  • 2 sprigs of faux berries

Find both ends of the rope and stretch/straighten out the length so you have 2 long pieces of 25′ each. Then wrap around your hand and bundle with rubber band. This makes working with all the rope SO much easier.

Take apart embroidery hoop and use the center piece without the lock. Leaving about 10″ of ropes, or the length from when your holding it to your elbow, hold against hoop. Take rope bundle with other hand down through center of the hoop, up around outside of hoop and back under itself, down through center again. 

Keep holding with thumb and pull the knot tight. Make sure to straighten and untwist the ropes as you tighten to keep a clean look with each knot. Repeat.

Ooooh this holiday rope wreath is starting to look good! Keep going around the entire hoop. Pulling extra rope out of your bundle as you go.

Once you’re all the way around the hoop to meet where you started, straighten out the knots so they’re lined up nicely, and slide together to tighten around hoop so as little hoop is showing as possible. You may need to add another knot or two.

Now you can cut the other end of the rope so you have 4 pieces hanging from bottom. Finish with a macrame square knot. (Learn the square knot from my DIY plant hanger tutorial.) 

Add wood bead to each piece of rope and knot at close, but different lengths to create interest. Trim below knots. (I actually had to burn the ends of my rope with a match to get them into my beads. Sometimes getting the ends wet works too. Either way, push down while twisting into the bead.) Holiday Rope Wreath

Poke the ends of your berry sprigs into the opening between the knots, directly above your square knot.

Bend the ends of the sprigs around until they’re tight and spread/bend berries until they’re positioned to you’re liking and stay in place.

Voila! Rope wreath complete! Now find a door or nail on your wall to hang and admire your Christmas craft and feel that holiday hygge! Holiday Rope Wreath

Holiday rope wreath


Author: Lauren

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