Trend Lightly

Trend Lightly Trend Lightly Trend Lightly Trend Lightly Trend Lightly Trend Lightly Trend Lightly Trend Lightly Trend Lightly Trend Lightly

“Trend lightly.”

My personal style motto. Also, the what and why behind my fashion blog. Trends will come and go, ebb and flow in and out of style. I’ve always been able to navigate the trends and wear them in regular, everyday life. I strive to share not just the “what”, but the “how” to wear current trends. How to trend lightly.

With this look above, for tea and mini-donuts, I’m blending a few trends with my burgundy bell sleeved blouse. By now EVERY one has seen the bell sleeve trend. On sweaters, on blouses, on sweat shirts, on dresses. I’ll admit I was a little late to this game, but I recently met a fellow blogger Gabby of Color Me Sassy, for coffee and she introduced me the most AH-dorable local boutique. Where I found and purchased this gorgeous bell blouse with the loveliest lace details.

*What I like most about this style is that the sleeves AND the waistline are “belled”. Giving it a feminine flowy feel and perfect for different body types.

**Also this beautiful burgundy color is one of those warm earth tones that look good on every skin tone!

Next trend, distressed denim with fringed or unfinished hem. I actually purchased pre-pregnancy, before this trend emerged. BUT what a perfect pair to DIY the hem. AND by DIY I mean, I simply cut the old hems off myself! Why not? This was especially appealing to me because it’s hard to find “ankle” pants when you’re already 5’2″. So jump on this trend and chop your hems off some old jeans to make them new and trend lightly.

*I tried to cut  mine a little higher in the front, per current trends. I could’ve cut another inch higher so I may try again.

**What’s most important to know about the denim in this look is…. the COLOR. Even if, they were not distressed or had a trendy hem. This bright blue, almost royal, wash of the jeans compliments the burgundy blouse with so many classic Fall fashion feels!

Last, but not least, look is finished off with a velvet loafer. I was NOT late to this trend. Once I saw velvet shoes on the shelves I was sold! This season is focusing so much on luxe details and textures. It’s hard for me not to fully dive into this trend because I love velvet so much. But I know all too well how fast this trend may pass us by…

*The shoe is velvet and on trend. But the style is classic loafer. Therefore, trending lightly.

There we have it, 3 trends blending beautifully, and 1 30-something mom trending lightly. This look was perfect for a late morning tea and doughnut with a friend, partner or a bright-eyed and bushy-tailed young photographer!

Go forth and trend lightly.



Photography by Amanda Vick


Blouse: Ryloo Boutique

Shoes: Nine West


Author: Lauren

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  • Awesome read! Seriously love what you did with the jeans! Makes me wanna go out and buy a pair to try and even distress myself!