Cropped Crushed Velvet

Crushed Velvet Crop Top Crushed Velvet Crop Top Crushed velvet crop top Crushed velvet crop top

Photos by Double You Photography

Just a few seasons ago crop tops made a very strong comeback. And very recently we’ve seen velvet and notably, crushed velvet, has also made a comeback. I think deep down I always knew it would be back in style. But the years in between, crushed velvet looked so tacky and dated. So gotta jump on that trend while it’s hot! I do love the luster and the texture it brings to an outfit. Naturally, when I saw this top, both cropped and crushed, I had to have it. I chose black for versatility, but also bought 3 other crushed velvet pieces that day. Yeah, I crushed hard. Pun intended. Paired the cropped and crushed top with high-waist slim-fit black pants with a zipper pocket detail. Classic black stilettos, black wristlet and braided ponytail to finish the look.

Crushed velvet crop top ~ Forever 21 (Sold out online, but you can sign up for email alert when it’s available) OR just go to your local F21 and find it. (I know finding things there isn’t easy, BUT it’s only $10, worth it)

Slim-fit pants ~ H&M *On sale

I really like this outfit for night time. Dinner, drinks, and/or dancing! Especially with the holiday season upon us, the luxe look of crushed velvet will be all over the place I’m sure. Don’t get me wrong, crushed velvet can definitely be worn during the day…. at least for this season. Then we may have to wait another 20 years!

Go forth and trend lightly.

Author: Lauren

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