Candy-Striped Christmas Stairs


Have I mentioned that I love ribbon? I also love hanging more Holidecor! Now that we’re in a house, I finally have a stairway to decorate after all the years of city living. Everyone enjoys a well hung Holiday banister! But my banister is just a baby, maybe 2 feet…. So last year I decided to just decorate the handrail instead. The green garland with the red and white grosgrain ribbon make me so Holiday happy! Here’s a quick and inexpensive Holidecor how-to create a candy-striped Christmas stairway in your own home. *Don’t worry if you’re in a 1-story living space, other options down below!

All you’ll need is an 8ft piece of thick WIRED garland and 1 roll of 1.5in wide ribbon. I love the candy stripe, but a silver or gold and white stripe could be lovely, or anything that goes with your decor! The 1.5″ width is more important, as too much larger or smaller may not look as nice with the scale of the garland.

stretch garland as long as possible, secure at top by twisting wire end, twirl down and around handrail
once secured at top, garland will likely stretch even more, secure at bottom by twisting wire end around handrail
spread out/fluff small wired sprigs all along railing for fullness
measure 24″ of ribbon, make all cuts at 45 degree angle (v-cut ends would be adorable also!)
tie 1 knot around a piece of the garland
add more 24″ ribbon pieces where you wish
Holiday 2014
last year’s handrail. used more ribbon, less space between.
baby banister. i should at least add a bow!
holidecor looking so lovely next to mom’s wedding picture


It’s so simple and so Holiday chic! Maybe you don’t want to dress the handrail for safety’s sake, do not have a stairway, or just want other options… Good news! The garland is so flexible and versatile. The ribbon is a great alternative to lights for garnishing your garland, and can be added on it anywhere! To get this look in your space, here are some other ideas I’ve also tried….

-twisted around drapery rods

-formed around the mantel and decor

-draped on top of a shelving unit

-ran along the back of the buffet

-straightened out on dining table as centerpiece

-hung on inside door and window frame

A wall swag would also be awesome if one were willing to hammer nails in for it! Maybe you have a large picture hung with 2 nails that could be removed and replaced with garland for the season?! I get happy eyes every time I go up and down the stairs and see this garland gorgeousness. So I hope you enjoyed my Candy-Striped Christmas Stairway and Holidecor swag ideas to help love living in your own life this season!


Author: Lauren

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