Felt Tree Forest

HAPPY DECEMBER!!! Thanksgiving meals have been eaten, calories consumed and regular schedules resumed. Now it’s officially Christmastime! As I’ve gotten older I’ve really enjoyed hanging Holidecor more and more. I love transitioning my space into a Happy Holiday place! okay…I’ll stop rhyming. I made my first batch of trees a few years ago, have received many compliments and inquiries, and just wanted to grow my forest. It’s also been one of my favorite Holidecor DIYs ever, so I invited some lovely ladies over for cider, cookies and crafts! To celebrate the season, here’s a fun and easy felt tree DIY Christmas Craft for yourself and/or students and kids old enough to use a hot glue gun (felt may not stay well with craft glue, but yarn tree can be done easily with school or craft glue for little kiddos!). Make one, make a lot or make new ones every year as a tradition!!!

previous years’ trees
forest looking a lil’ bare

Materials Needed:

  • paper mache cones: larger is 10.64″x4″ and smaller is 7″x3″ from Amazon.
  • ball of yarn
  • 9″x 12″ sheet of felt (x2)
  • scissors
  • ruler or scale (seen here)
  • pen or fabric pencil
  • hot glue gun and coordinating glue sticks
  • glitter balls (actually decorative filler) found mine at Michaels. Very similar here at Amazon.

Yarn Tree

*smaller cone used here

glue yarn around bottom of cone
overlap and keep gluing around
keep going around gluing every few inches
starting to look pretty!
at top of cone, glue yarn flat across
trim. looking lovely!
glue glitter ball on top for finishing touch!

Felt Tree

*larger cone used here

make 1″ spaced vertical lines starting 1.5″ off one side. mark at 1″ vertically (along 12″ side) skipping every other line
draw angled line along 1″ marks, angling one mark over
and again in other direction
completed pattern
cut along vertical lines
cut triangles out of strips
repeat for 2nd sheet of felt, no need to offset, only 1″ spaced lines
glue 1.5″ strip along bottom of cone, overlap ends
snip slit opposite meeting ends
overlap and glue
glue sides as much as possible
start gluing triangles, glue only along top/long edge of triangle so point is loose/can lift a little
keep gluing…
hard at work with white felt
crazy craft table
add next row with points inbetween first row
repeat with 3rd row
keep gluing…. looking great!
tree taking shape!
hot cider and Christmas crafts
keep gluing… triangles may start to overlap
tree getting textured
hands on Holidecor!
looking good girl!
wrap around as you near top of cone
add glitter ball to finish!
gluing on glitter ball
finishing touch!
finished products from craft party… nice job ladies!
Christmas crafts complete!

Now place these fabulous little felt trees anywhere in your space… Lining the mantel, along the hearth, set on a side table or shelf, could be a Christmas dinner centerpiece, or cute cocktail table decor! I added pine cones, of course, and real fir trimmings from the Christmas tree. Hope you enjoyed this Holidecor How-To and will be creating your own felt tree christmas crafts to love living in your life this Holiday season!!!


Author: Lauren

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