Facial and Massage at Neroli Mequon


2 weeks after my facial, 2 days until 37!
Fresh out of the spa
Feeling fantastic
Neroli Mequon
Fruit infused water
37 is the new 25 😉

Happy Birthday to me! Just had another birthday in late July and feeling fabulous after a some self-care. Almost every year for my birthday I request off of work and treat myself to a massage. Well, the requests off work a little differently now and a massage might not be enough anymore. Since I am a 37 year old full-time mama, skin care is becoming an important part of self care. And since I’m an all-natural lady, I’ll never do any injections, so it’s time to add more frequent facials into my lifestyle.

Naturally, I went to Neroli Spa & Salon. One of the most well-known spa and salons in the Milwaukee area. I had been to the Mequon location once before and knew I would love it again. So I booked a 50 minute massage with Sophia and the 50 minute Tulasara Facial with Alexandra. Facial was first and Alexandra had such a lovely, calming energy! We chose my essential oil and sent my intention for the service.

I wish I could remember, or even record, all the skin care knowledge that Alexandra bestowed upon me during the treatment! We talked about my current skin care routine, and/or lack thereof, and what I can do to step up my anti-aging game. I learned that my drug store exfoliant is doing more harm that good and why. I learned that my pores aren’t as clogged as I thought, but my skin is thirsty. I also learned about and received a new treatment technique I’d never had before. Called Iontophoresis, it’s basically electricity coming out of a cool little glass wand. A very small electric current at a high frequency to stimulate the hylauronic acid and hydrate the skin. The high frequency is an antiseptic for blemishes, encourages cell renewal, increases oxygen and brings blood to the surface. Botox in my face, no thank you. Electricity on my face, yes please!

(I am not against anyone doing Botox. Many women I know do it and look amazing. Whatever makes you feel fabulous! The hippie half of me is just too paranoid. Heck, I’m scared to eat a non-organic apple!)

Came out of my facial, snapped an after pic of my brighter and tighter skin, then headed to my massage with Sophia. We chose another essential oil, set my intention for the massage. Sophia is the kind of masseuse that makes me think she has Xray into vision to my muscles. I carry my stress in my shoulders and neck area. She knew exactly where my problem areas were and made it her mission to knead those knots out! She even did some cupping and explained the method to me. I also carry my baby a lot, and Lily is almost 25% of my body weight now. This has given me some soreness in my hips and glutes. Sophia found that too! She found sore muscles to massage in my glutes I didn’t even know I had or that were so knotted up. Wow lady, thank you!

Grabbed my robe from the robe warmer and hit the showers. Neroli Mequon has these luxurious steam shower stalls in the locker room. I LOVE a steam shower and/or sauna! And this is the best way to end a spa day. Thank you again to Sophia for my much needed massage, to Alexandra for a great facial giving me fresh skin to head into 37 with, and to Neroil Spa and Salon in Mequon, WI for providing a pretty perfect spa experience. I hope you get to treat yourself to some self care on your birthday too!

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