Modern Mom Jeans

Mom Jeans

Of course, this cut of jeans was bound to come back around. Now that I am a mom, I guess it’s a little more fitting for me to wear a pair of mom jeans? Especially because I WAS momming during this photo shoot!! Brunched with baby girl at Sweet Diner, one of my local faves. Either way, I’m always down trend lightly with denim styles and cuts as they continue to come and go. And when the flares eventually make their way back into mainstream fashion… I’ll be showing y’all how to trend lightly in those too! But for now, I’m LOVE-ing my latest denim purchase! High-waist, button-fly, thick, real denim that’s comfortable and cool at the same time.

I’d like to give a special thank you to mom jeans for giving us a break from jeggings!

Why it works:

There’s been some debate with other women about what shapes and sizes can pull off the mom jeans…. I get it. So girl, go with what makes you feel fab! But it works because it strongly defines the waistline. Which is also why you must wear a tight, tucked or cropped top with them. I went with an olive ribbed and fitted top that my stylist Lindsey suggested. It gave the look just the right about of throwback feels for me! Rolled the bottoms to accommodate my booties and accessorized with the super soft and cozy rusty chenille hat and scarf.

Photography: Double You Photography
Jeans, Shirt, Scarf, Hat: Soho Boutique

Go forth and trend lightly!

Author: Lauren

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