Living Room Love

~Living Room Love~

I couldn’t tell you how long I’ve been wanting a matching pair of sofas facing each other in my living room. Maybe since early childhood, when I saw a pair in the front room of my mom’s cousin’s house… I think hers were a pastel blue. But I remember always behaving in the “no-no” rooms because I wanted to be allowed in there. I wanted to be in the nicest room of the house, surrounded by pretty porcelain and fancy furniture! That pair of pastel sofas made me feel like such a lady. I wanted to wear a pretty dress and have a tea party on those sofas. 30 years later and I’d still love that tea party! ….29 years later I got my pair of matching blue sofas. I said “yes” to these gorgeous velvet pieces that same day I said “yes” to my husband’s marriage proposal. What a day?! Dream furniture and an engagement ring all in one afternoon!

I wanted to try the “L”-shape arrangement as I had imagined when designing the space. So it wasn’t until after taking down Christmas decor a couple weeks ago that I decided it was time to try rearranging my little living room. 5 minutes later and, just as I thought, it looked so lovely and felt a little more formal, yet still cozy! I especially love how this arrangement flanks the fireplace and encourages conversation. Hubby loves it too since he gets to be King of the Castle in his leather recliner, front and center for prime pigskin programming. He got me a new Nikon D5300 for Christmas and I’ve been playing with the settings and practicing my photography skills. Wanted to share some snaps of my living room love, pretty plants and decor details that create this modern-classic styled space. It’s important for everyone to have their own Living Room Love since it is typically the most used room of the house and where your guests should feel most comfortable. Found furniture I was obsessed with and styled the space into a cool, calm and cozy place that makes me love living in my own life everyday!

Living Room Love
color study from college turned into wall art

pretty aloe plant placed on the mantel
monogram gift made by my sister
textured textiles looking luxe

healthy heather plant
heather on emerald table top
rich colors of green and navy

pulling the blues with this pretty paisley print

clean cotton candle, new favorite
pretty peacock feathers
cerulean chevron on cognac leather
white and gold interior accessories
panda plant succulent soaking up the sun
kitty sitting pretty
more mantel flora

Parisian shelfie complete with souvenir
succulents need some shade
a pair of perfect blue velvet pieces
aloe looking lovely in this light

“a styled space is a cozy place” ~ LaurInteriors

Thanks for checking out my Living Room Love tour and decor details that make me love living in my life. If you need help or guidance on creating Living Room Love of your own and styling your space into a cozy place, please contact me! We’ll design, style and accessorize a room that will make you love living in your OWN life too!


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