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Oh my gorgeousness! Image above not even edited. I think the grass really was greener and the sky bluer in the countryside of Ireland!!! Before we got engaged, bought a house, moved, and started planning a wedding… My husband and I did a fair amount of traveling. And before I was blogging, I still took a whole lot of pictures…and videos! Which is super awesome now since I can share my travels of #LaurenExploring the world! First up is Lauren Exploring Ireland.

Some of my husband’s family takes an annual trip to the beautiful Ballybunion Golf Club in Ballybunion, Ireland. In the Fall of 2013 I was lucky enough to be invited along! No, I don’t golf. But I like exploring new lands and practicing my amateur photography. So I ordered a passport, packed my bags and headed off on my first travels abroad!


 Lauren Exploring Ireland….

And we’re off!
My all-time favorite video game! This trip is off to a great start!!!
Our bed and breakfast! (Upon researching for this post, found out it unfortunately is no longer in business.)
Headed straight to the clubhouse for some pints!
Landscape from a local’s house.
True life, flash of delight.
Irish skies are glowing!

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locals at the beach cafe
beautiful blue ballybunion beach

[huge_it_videogallery id=”2″]


giant cliff on the beach
from inside the cliff (naturally there was also a child hiding in there too!)
Built circa 1500~ Ballybunion castle remains on the North Kerry Coast
amazing work by mother nature
my seaweed bath~ Salt water and seaweed directly from the atlantic! Skin felt awesome afterwards!
Finishing up the 18th hole

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Lauren leaping at Waterville beach! Water was freezing, but weather was nice in the sun.
A Henesy on the irish coast….love this picture!
Laur in Ireland
the whole town of Waterville behind me
this town is obsessed with Charlie Chaplin
lovely little local house overlooking the ocean
cool Celtic cross
stopped at the famous Red Fox saloon for some authentic Irish coffees
Laur in Ireland
goodbye ballybunion
abandoned old house
irish grass fed cows
waiting for the ferry….
not my best arabesque

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chillin with the dandelions
this crow was bold
Cliffs of Moher on Ireland’s West coast
Cliffs of Moher
cute lil castle
fit for a queen
Cliffs of Moher
breathtaking and intimidating

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….this is as close as I’ll get!
I see you seeing me… considering vegan life….
Irish cows in the countryside
Goodbye Ireland….. Off to the airport!


After a relaxing few days of good food, good company, golf, whiskey and scenic beaches we decided to detour over to the Cliffs of Moher in Liscannor, Ireland. These cliffs were used for filming both the Princess Bride “Cliffs of Insanity” and also in Harry Potter and the Half Moon Prince. So glad that we spent the afternoon here, as it was quite a memorable experience. Check that off of our bucket list! Just as the sun started to set, we hopped back in our Irish rental car and headed to the Dublin International Airport. Hope you enjoyed Lauren Exploring Ireland! Next stop……..PARIS!!!!!


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