Lillian ~ 3 Years Old

And just like that we have a 3 year old! Lillian Caroline made me a Mama and Greg a Daddy 3 years ago and changed our worlds. She is the brightest star in the whole Universe and the most special human I’ve ever encountered. I don’t have words for how obsessed I am with this little girl. She is so sweet and caring and kind. She is curious and eager to learn about everything. She absolutely loves her play kitchen and regularly makes me soup and smoothies. Lily has started to become particular about what she wears and loves wearing her tulle skirts.
She also has started taking her own pictures on my old digital camera I found and gave her. What a real delight it is to go through her camera roll and literally see the world through her eyes! Some of her shots were pretty good and I’ll be sharing in another post.

Her first birthday I went ALL out. Last year, at 2 years old, we celebrated as the 3 of us at home. This year, I wanted to make a little party for her to feel special and because it’s her last birthday as an only child. Soon she’ll have to start sharing, mom, dad and so many other things. So we invited some friends and family over to the house to celebrate our precious little Peanut! You can see her BFF since birth Charlotte by her side in the pics too. The kids ran around, destroyed the playroom per it’s design and had a blast. We enjoyed watching her have so much fun and feel like a princess for the day. She insisted on wearing her crown, of course!
I made another streamer backdrop for her pics, same as I’ve done every year. And this year, I decided to start the tradition of taking pictures of her holding lilies. The same amount of lilies as years old she is! I think these are going to be so great over the years. Like when she turns 21 and is holding 21 lily flowers!!! No, strike that, she’s gonna stay my baby girl forever…

Author: Lauren

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