Colorful 1st Birthday

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Lillian’s Colorful 1st Birthday Party!

As the holidays died down, I got on top of my party planning to celebrate Lily’s first trip around the sun. Knowing I would have too many guests for my Mid-century home, I quickly set out to find a venue that didn’t break the bank for a 1st birthday party. After researching and asking around, my BFF and baker, Alexis recommended the loft gallery space at The Arts Mill in Grafton, WI. Once I viewed the space, heard that my desired date was available, and that the next art installation, children’s artwork, would possibly be installed before my party, I was SO sold!

Obviously it was going to be Valentine’s themed. Not having weeks to ridiculously decorate my house in pink and red, I had to visualize and mentally decorate the space from a few pics I snapped. Naturally, this gave me anxiety until the morning of the party when I arrived and made my executive decisions. Now I had 1.5 hrs to get the space and myself party-pretty.

The gallery was wallpapered with the colorful kids artwork, and the chairs were also multi-colored metal. I loved the playful feel that was perfect for a 1st birthday party. I got a giant roll of white paper to double as table cover and a coloring activity for the kids. The streamer swags were a sure thing I’d been imagining for weeks. And without a ladder, the streamers were hung as high as a chair and heels could get me! (*Do not attempt. I have years of experience dancing on tables in heels.)

Thankfully, my family from Illinois came early to help me hang all my decor, arrange centerpieces and blow up balloons. Guests arrived, kids had fun with balloons and markers, and the birthday girl had such a blast! She did so good and didn’t even cry when we sang Happy Birthday to her…just looked a little confused.

Overall Lily’s 1st birthday party was almost just how I imagined. Because let’s face it, 1st birthdays are celebrating moms too. As they should! “Congrats Mama! You made it through the first year of motherhood without completely losing it!!!”

I wanted to support as many local and small businesses as I could for the party needs. My Milwaukee makers and bakers did not disappoint. Thank you so so much to all my vendors and especially all of our friends and family that came out to celebrate our special little Lillian’s very first birthday party!

Photography: Whitney Morales Photography

Invitations: MJ Creative Co.

Desserts: Yield Bakehouse

Food: Sendiks

Venue: The Arts Mill

Author: Lauren

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