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bed sheets

Let’s talk linens and things… Until recently I was only aware of 2 fibers used to make bed linens. Cotton and silk. (Cotton flannel for winter and cotton linen for summer are available, but are somewhat outdated due to modern HVAC) But basic cotton sheets come in 2 different weaves, sateen and percale. These terms are actually referring to the way that the fibers are woven together. Sateen has a smoother feel and is more drape-y. While percale can feel slightly more crisp and tends to wear better and breathe better. Most hotels use percale linens. I personally prefer sateen myself because it’s soft and I’m almost always cold!

bed sheets


As far as thread count, anything over 500 won’t feel that noticeable. However, the quality of the cotton, depending on the manufacturer, will feel noticeable.

But now, for the second time I have seen and purchased “brushed polyester” bed sheets. They may also be labeled as “microfiber”. Which means that the fabric has gone through a “brushing” process to break up and soften the fibers. Almost like a sand paper for the fabric. I gotta say, in addition to being significantly less expensive (because of the poly), there are SUPER soft and SUPER lightweight! I can only imagine more durable as well. My first set of brushed bed sheets has aged well being in my rotation for about a year. I just got this new grey pinstripe set at Target, and they’re my new faves and very appropriate for summer nights with the windows open.

Little Lillian seems to like them and so far, her mama is sold on the microfiber option. Yes, ideally they would be Fair Trade, responsibly grown organic cotton. Maybe someday, but for now we’ll set that aside as #bedlinengoals. I think the brushed poly bed sheets would be great for kids, teens and college students as well, given the cost and durability!

Put a bow on it…

Lastly, yes I did start tying up my bed sheet sets with spare pieces of ribbon. I’d been contemplating this for a while because I can be particular about my household organization and it was driving me nuts to make sure the coordinating fitted and flat sheet together. Most of my sheets are plain white and I was always wasting time checking the tags. So now all the sets will stay together and they look so pretty. It’s like opening a present of fresh clean linens for maximum coziness and relaxation. *BONUS if you also shaved your legs on new sheet night!

Just wanted to share a little info on linens and my new found appreciation for the brushed polyester bed sheets. Hope this may help you have a more informed decisions next time you’re buying bed sheets or adding to your wedding registry. (Yep, fancy linens are a great thing for someone else to buy you!)


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