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Lilacs are possibly my favorite flower. Only tied for first place with the peony. They’re both so gorgeous and so fragrant! But one of them is so fleeting. Lilacs are only in bloom for a few weeks of the year, making them just that much more special to me. So when I saw them in bloom, I called Kat to meet me and snap some shots of this look and Lily and all the lilac loveliness!

Why it works:

This matching chambray set was purchased for our Charleston trip, but it never made it out of the suitcase. So it felt perfect on a hot Midwest morning to go pic some lilacs and blow bubbles with baby girl. I like the wide, cropped pants in mom life because they’re so easy, breezy and comfortable with a lot of room to move around. (Aka kneel and squat and chase a toddler) Since I can’t tie the pant at my high waist, I feel okay with the crop showing an inch or 2 of skin. But at my age, I’m pretty careful to keep my belly button covered. Want to show these ankles tho! Being petite, the pant lengths this season can be tough. Luckily these were short enough on me to show some ankle. I like this look with both the bright yellow headband and the simple straw hat. Bonus that the hat exactly matches my mules! This slip on shoe style is still going strong this year and great for this style of pants.

I’d really been wanting a matching set this year, and I’m really loving the versatility of it! Have already styled the pieces separately, and am excited to style more this summer. I dressed Lily in her little golden romper for a few mother daughter pics… then let her run around the lilac bush with her bubbles. As always, Kat captures some of the sweetest pics of my Peanut!

Chambray crop
Chambray pants
DoubleYou Photography

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