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The next stop on our European vacation was none other than Paris! I had been dreaming of Paris since my very first French lesson in the 8th grade. Thankfully I had studied French for 5 years and I could at least use proper pronunciation with my slow statements and stuttering. The rumors are true… They don’t speak much English in Paris. And I was grateful for it! Being pushed a little out of my comfort zone and really feeling like a tourist. By the end of our 3-day stay, my brain was functioning almost fully in French! While I concentrated on communication with locals and waiters, Greg focused on navigating us around the city so we could see as many sites as possible. He did an amazing job, and we visited some very beautiful buildings and gardens! Naturally I snapped a whole lot of pics and a few videos on my iPhone 4. Better late than never, sharing with you some of my favorite French scenes, Parisian prettiness, and another gem in the Lauren Exploring series!

Lauren Exploring Paris…

We rented a flat instead of staying in a hotel, which ended up being perfect for as much sight seeing we planned on. Upon settling in after some serious early morning travel, I opened up one of the rooftop windows to this gorgeous view welcoming us to Paris! Even the graffiti here is pretty…

I love you too!
adorable studio apartment

First stop was the Notre-Dame de Paris, of course. Actually it was closest to our flat and we were tired. But the sights and sounds of this famous cathedral were so invigorating! We were lucky enough to have visited while mass was in session…

Down the aisle of the Notre Dame Cathedral
Columns and vaults
Architecturally amazing!
prayer candles
yes, those are rays of sunlight shining down on the altar!

This scene was certainly surreal. I held back the tears as I tried to hold my camera steady and record some of this beautiful experience! Check out these videos from the mass ->

[huge_it_videogallery id=”7″][huge_it_videogallery id=”8″]

Notre-Dame de Paris
Over the River Seine
seemed the least intimidating for our first meal
Glass Pyramids
Lauren Exploring
At the Louvre

[huge_it_videogallery id=”11″]


Streets of Paris
Well manicured Parisian park
L’Arc de Triomphe
L’Arc de Triomphe
Under the Arc
Downward spiral
View from atop the Arc

There were 2 spiral staircases. One for people going up, another for down. Let me say that halfway up the spiral things start to get a bit trippy! But seeing the whole city of Paris from the view was worth every step ->[huge_it_videogallery id=”10″]

Parisian scene
French graffiti, very pretty
every walk is beautiful
and a fountain just around a corner
brunching in Paris
jardin du luxembourg
jardin du luxembourg
local painting a petite canvas
Luxembourg Palace

This garden has to be one of the prettiest places on earth that I have ever visited. Blue skies, sun shining and lots of locals lounging. I didn’t want to leave ->[huge_it_videogallery id=”12″]

random street scene
storefront of a bridal boutique
jojo’s al fresco
…and their she was!
I made it to the Eiffel Tower!
view of the lawn just before sundown
Cinderella is here too, NBD.
architectural love
Le Tour Eiffel glowing gold at night
Le Tour Eiffel ~ Paris perfection

We spent a few hours enjoying some food and wine on the lawn, while waiting for the tower to light up. What a magnificent sight! As we headed back over the river to the flat, to pack for our early morning flight, I couldn’t help taking one more video. For she sparkles the last quarter of every hour. Luckily I caught the twinkling from afar, and considered it an appropriate farewell to the fair City of Lights….[huge_it_videogallery id=”13″]

Adieu, adieu Paris! Until we meeting again….

I didn’t know that I could fall for another city, so hard and so fast! I loved Chicago so much I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else. Except Paris! Every. Single. Thing is beautiful!!! Now that I’ve had a taste of France, I know I must return…. And with a much better camera! Planning on Paris 2017 with Katelyn Now! Dream it, do it.

Hope you enjoyed another Lauren Exploring post. Slowly but surely I’ll make my way up to present day, hopefully before our next trip! Which by my calculations should be Santorini!!



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