Caramel Cardigan

Fall Fashion Caramel Cardigan Fall Fashion Caramel Cardigan Fall Fashion Caramel Cardigan Fall Fashion Caramel Cardigan Fall Fashion Caramel Cardigan Fall Fashion Caramel Cardigan


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 I’ll be honest, for a while I had an aversion to cardigan sweaters. Yes, they would help keep me warm, but I still had to coordinate a top to go underneath. And that feels like more work when trying to get dressed.

 This sweater season though, I rekindled my love for the cardigan. Maybe single-handedly sparked by this very caramel cardigan. I saw it weeks before I bought it and couldn’t stop thinking about how cozy and versatile it would be. Got a sale email and finally purchased. Obviously, I’ve worn it with several different outfits by now… I’m even wearing the caramel cardigan at this very moment! But this look is one of my cozy and casual chic faves to trend lightly this Fall and Winter.

Why it works:

Colors~ The black, white and brown is a classic color combination that will almost always work. The solid caramel knit looks good against the crisp white and speckled sweater leggings.

Style~ A white woven button down adds maturity to an outfit. This long, tunic shirt helps dress up the younger, casual feel of the sweater leggings and makes it age appropriate for 30+ ladies. I especially like the cuffs coming back over the sweater sleeves to add to the classic side of this look. Black suede booties are on trend and balance the speckles in the leggings. And yep, tuck your leggings or skinny jeans right into the boots this year! Big/baggy tops and sweaters over leggings/skinny bottoms lending to the retro 90’s trend. (Back then we had stirrups on our leggings and wore slouch socks over them. Please God don’t let slouch socks make comeback!)

Comfort~ Playing on the floor with baby half of the day requires me to be comfortable and able to move around in my clothes. These leggings are my new favorite!!! SO cozy! But the best part…. they have a SUPER high waistband that’s perfect for all my mama’s-to-be out there trying to manage some maternity fashion! (I wish I had these last winter when I was preggo as a nice change from my everyday black leggings.) Adding the caramel cardigan makes the look that much cozier and relaxed.

Cardigan~ Express

Shirt~ H&M

Leggings~ Express

Boots~ Aldo

The best of both worlds, cozy and chic. Go forth and trend lightly.

Author: Lauren

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