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Winter Fashion Blush on Blush Winter Fashion Blush on Blush Winter Fashion Blush on Blush

Blush on blush. Texture on texture. Yes and YES! When I first thought of pairing this skirt and sweater together I thought, “Lauren, get real. You can’t even wear blush pink!” But both items looked so winter-y pretty, I bought them anyway. I mean, pink chenille and pink pleated crushed velvet. Sold. I tried the skirt on with many tops in my closet and this sweater kept it’s place at the top of the list. This season is all about texture. So pulling off the chenille AND the crushed velvet is a trendy win. I also love the softness icy pastels in the Winter fashion. What a lovely look for holiday parties, date night or a dinner party.

Why it works:

The colors in the fabrics are very similar. However, the textures are very different so the light hits them differently. The sweater is soft, fuzzy and matte. So it reads as a solid. The skirt is pleated crushed velvet with many surfaces for the light to reflect off of. So it reads as a shiny texture. Overall giving the blush on blush combo a tone on tone feel. Added neutral accessories to not detract from all the pink. The grey felt hat works well because, grey and pink, of course! A classic combo (and the color scheme for my wedding). The nude heels are necessary for the mid-length of the skirt to elongate the legs. I also wanted closed-toed shoes, because Winter in the Midwest. I really enjoyed the cozy and feminine feels I got while wearing the blush on blush!

Both pieces together under $50. Yay for affordable fashion! Skirt also comes in burgundy which would be a pretty pairing with the pink sweater too.

Double You Photography

Skirt ~ Target- A New Day

Sweater ~ Target- Mossimo

Go forth and trend lightly.


Author: Lauren

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