Pushing Pretty – Delivery Gown


Pushing Pretty ~ Delivery Gown

One of the many things that I learned in our birth classes was that you can wear whatever you want while giving birth. You don’t have to wear the ill-fitting hospital gown. You don’t even have to wear anything at all! The doula/instructor mentioned that there are nursing and delivery gowns out there made just for this occasion for those ladies that want to feel a little pretty while performing the miracle of childbirth. Well that is DEFINITELY me. I shopped around online for a while, debating materials, sizes, and functional features since there is a decent variety of styles and options available. Some have snaps in the back allowing for epidural, some open right at the empire waist for easy breastfeeding, some have snaps in the front AND back for access to everything. Some were silk, some were cotton, some had lace on the sleeves and some were full length. Of course, they’ve thought of everything, it’s 2017.

Admittedly, I waited a little too long to make my decision. I mean how is a girl to choose between the pink, mint or teal floral print?! The one I really wanted was a 12 week delivery from China and I couldn’t risk it not arriving in time. So I ordered my lovely little delivery gown from Amazon. It’s the exact print I first had my eye on, in lightweight cotton with snaps down the front and matching belt…


Delivery robe Delivery robe Delivery robe Delivery robe Delivery robe Delivery robe Delivery robe

Delivery/Nursing gown from Jana Jira via Amazon

I actually put my new delivery gown on for the first time to take these pics. I have to say that I love the floral, love the feel and love the WAY I feel when wearing it. It’s going to be one of those extra little things that make me love living in my life while enduring the contractions and craziness of childbirth. I’m sure I’ll also be wearing the gown while nursing during postpartum and through the Spring and Summer since it is so lightweight and comfortable. And now that I have my labor outfit ready and packed in my hospital bag, I just have to wait for my baby girl to be all ready to make her debut!

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