Master Bedroom ~ Before & After

~Bedroom Re-do in Icy Blue~ 

Whether a simple Spring Decor update, the house hunting is finally over, or maybe you’ve just always wanted to change your paint color and never got around to it! Now is time to freshen it up, bring in new energy, and customize your space! Being in the interior design industry and a creative chic means the colors in my surroundings are very important to me. Especially in a Master Bedroom. We spend 1/3 of our lives in our bedrooms! This space should be a sanctuary for relaxing and romance. And most importantly, it should be a space that makes you love living in your life.



When I first came across this space I knew how I wanted it to FEEL… clean, cool, calm and cozy. My first thought was, “The paint color needs to go all the way to the ceiling!” Stopping the color just at the line under the roof pitch only makes accentuates the slant and makes the room feel shorter. The yellow walls with the taupe carpet were not achieving this. Ideally the carpet would be pulled up and the original wood floor refinished. But this is reality, with real people on a real budget…





The space allows a lot of natural light with two windows and the door to a balcony. Adding a layer of sheers to treat each one makes the windows glow and gives a nice soft and cozy feel. Paint color needed to be cool enough to contrast the carpet and wood door, but bright enough to energize the space and feel clean. Benjamin Moore’s Polar Ice #1660 was the winner. What a perfect and very versatile blue! Not too feminine OR masculine. Not too juvenile OR dated. I would recommend this paint color in almost any bedroom. I took the paint color all the way up to the ceiling line which helps smooth the slanted wall appearance and bring the eye upwards for a more spacious feel!

As for the furniture, previously owned pieces were just the black night stands and sharkskin gray vintage dresser. The upholstered headboard by World Market anchors the space in a medium gray linen, and gives just the right touch of traditional style with silver nail-head trim and notched corner detail. *Your headboard is to the bedroom what your sofa is to the living room. What does this mean? It is the largest and most style indicative piece of furniture in the room. She is the “Queen” and all shall dress after her. Therefore, carefully consider color when selecting upholstery (navy velvet, always a win!) and carefully consider the style of the headboard. Especially if it will need to work with existing pieces of bedroom furniture.

The other pieces I added were mandatory in a white finish. The white furniture against the icy blue walls, white trim and window sheers continues to feel clean and cozy. Clean because of the white. And cozy because of the traditional elements of each piece. The 7-drawer dresser’s classic shapes, trim detail and drawer pulls. The vanity’s 3-way hinged mirrors, elegant shapes and vintage style. 1930’s vintage metal stool is an heirloom piece and coordinates just wonderfully with other pieces.

For linens, when in doubt, go with all white. I like pattern and color, but again this will be very style indicative as we are dressing the “Queen” of the bedroom. *When using all white linens, find a great printed pillow case set for your top pillows to add some color, pattern and interest to the bed without committing to a whole duvet cover and without spending the money for a whole duvet cover! Basically the opposite of picture above.


Accessories added stayed in the light to medium blue tones and white. Blue tones should match or be slightly darker than wall color to create a comprehensive design scheme and keep a clean aesthetic. This Polar Ice is so pale that it becomes versatile. I was able to play up the greenish-blues by adding medium mint and teal tones in the ceramics and duvet colors. Choose ONE accent color only! Shop for that color family in accessories, tone-on-tone of one color hue and white will ALWAYS look clean and put together.

Retreating to a cool, calm and cozy bedroom with comprehensive colors and decor will certainly make you love living in your own life!

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Author: Lauren

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