Lillian ~ One Year Old


My baby girl is the birthday girl today as she turns one year old!!! I had streamers and balloons floating around the house and I wanted to do a special shoot for my little Valentine. So I just taped the streamers to the wall, grabbed one of her chairs, and tossed the balloons into the set. I’ll admit it is very hard to get a one year old to sit still for anything let alone look at the camera and smile. After a couple attempts that ended in tears, I tried one more time with her party dress on and we caught some keepers! She kept crawling over to me to inspect the dials and buttons on my Nikon. I remembered that she just got a toy camera at her party this past weekend. Now mom and Lily both have cameras around their necks!!

One year ago at this very minute I was begging my nurses for the epidural. Just now, I read her a story while we rocked in her chair before nap time. I used to daydream about these moments… What motherhood would really be like? What will it feel like to be completely responsible for a tiny human life? You can read books, blogs, quotes and memes about what motherhood is like. You may have even worked as a nanny and have a decent idea. But there really aren’t words to describe it. When I look at Lillian it’s like a million lightning bolts of love striking my heart! But even that analogy isn’t strong enough to communicate my love for her after one year of motherhood…

Every day Lillian gets cuter and more curious, stronger and smarter! I feel so lucky to be her mama and to be able to stay home with this little one year old wonder. We won’t do monthly pics anymore, but it’s only a matter of time until our next photo shoot!

Lily’s Dress ~ Target / Child’s Chair ~ Hobby Lobby

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