Moon Child by Lake Michigan

All these boho vibes, by Lake Michigan, under the summer moon was the perfect way to end my 40th photo shoot. This backless blue maxi dress and head scarf on the rocks near the water was a WHOLE damn mood. But the truth is, truly I am a moon child. Those born in the sign of Cancer, like myself, have also been called moon children. I love the moon. Always have. I feel drawn to it. I stare at it. I feel like it has secrets to tell me. And I can feel the energies and elevated emotions of the full moon. And that is when I do most of my manifesting.

For years now I’ve been doing what I named Full Moon 3×3’s. On, or a few days after, each full moon I take some time to think about and journal 3 things I’m grateful for, 3 things I’m proud of myself for, and 3 things I want to manifest (ideally before the next full moon).

Now these can’t be things like “win a million dollars”. The manifestations have to be realistic. So you can use financially but within reason. Such as, 20% increase in business from last month. Or land a $500 gig. Or save “X” amount of money. Whatever is within the realms of possibilities and not fantasy. But what the heck?! Throw a fantasy into your manifestations and see what happens!

The cool thing is, it works. Maybe it’s sitting down and being present with your intentions. Maybe it’s focusing on gratitude and your goals for a few minutes. Maybe it’s writing them down on paper. Maybe it’s just the power of positive thoughts. Or maybe it is the magic of universe conspiring to help us achieve our goals! Whatever it is, I’m grateful for this monthly mental health habit to keep me on track and moving forward.

Go manifest and good luck!

Backless dress

Head scarf

Photography: Moon & Wolf Co

Author: Lauren

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