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Memorial Day weekend a few of my ladies and I headed to Las Vegas to celebrate getting away from our real lives and a bit of me being a bachelorette! The weeks leading up to the trip were pretty busy and 2 days before departure I had not yet purchased ANYthing except the bikini I blogged about back in January! –> The 90’s called and they want to use you for your pool….

Okay, I had bought a couple pairs of shoes, but no garments. So I set out to find myself some fun Vegas and Summer wear! Here are my final Color Combos and Las Vegas Looks from last weekend:

Night 1~

Pants – Crop – Vest ~ All by Kohl’s

Shoes ~ BCBG from DSW

Hat ~ pre-owned from a boutique in Florida

~ High-waisted harem/soft pants are SUPER comfortable and hit just right that the natural waist and cover the belly button. Crop top with tropical print and lace banding help add interest with the pattern and texture. “Bleached” denim vest keeps the look light, airy and Summertime feel while contrasting nicely with all of the black. Pink suede pumps for a pop of color, just becuase. And topped with my Cuban hat for sun protection… and extra cool points. *Hat and vest were great for looking stylish at dinner, but stayed home when it was time to go to the club for obvious practicality.


Night 2~

Skirt & Crop set ~ Woodbury Lane Shop

Shoes ~ Steve Madden from Macy’s

Necklace ~ Express (last season)

~ My VERY first pencil skirt and crop top set thanks to Woodbury Lane! I absolutely LOVE black and white, so when I saw this little crop and skirt set I had to have it. What better place for it to make it’s debut than a night out in Vegas? Black, white, & nude is necessary here as not to overload the look. The stripes are thin and therefore busy. Strappy patent sandals almost disappear and elongate the leg. Chunky white pearls dress it up without adding another color and taking away from the adorable skirt set!

Night 3~

Polka dot portofino – Layered lace shorts – Bangles ~ Express

Necklace ~ Lizzibeth

Shoes ~ Aldo

~ Black, white and gold. Playing with pattern and texture here. I usually do NOT tend to like polka dots, but when I saw this blouse I had a fashion flashback to little Lauren in her 8th birthday dress of the same polka dots! (Boy, I thought that dress was the cat’s meow! Only to later ruined it jumping in mud puddles.) So I had to purchase immediately. Plus, the black and white will keep the dots classic and will allow this blouse to be very versatile. The lace only works with the polka dot pattern because it matches the color of the polka dots. Another color would, again, look too busy and cheapen the entire look. Black pumps to keep the feet simple and classic. Gold bangles and accessoires to dress it up. *The blouse it somewhat sheer so I layered a bralette underneath.

…Can you tell I like Black & White?

Spring ~ 2015
~ Black and White ~


Night 4~

Bralette ~ Kohl’s

~ Night 4 was really just lounging around the resort given that our alarms were set for 5:30am. 10 years ago we may have just stayed out all night… But I think this 30-something had already burnt out her Party Power for the weekend. However, where else and when else can this 30-something strut around in this adorable bralette?! I just had to show this strappy back detail. SO 90’s retro and SO great! *One more halter crop from Kohl’s not worn yet and not shown, but their crop and bralette selection was definitely On Point AND On PRICE Point!!!

It was a great trip with some great ladies! I finally experienced a Sunday Funday Day Club AND saw Snoop perform with Wiz Khalifa in the club! Some real time pics from the trip posted on my Instagram account @_laurinteriors. Thankfully, for us A-cup ladies, crop tops are back in! Finally a trend for small chests! Given that I’m still skinny, still engaged and still not pregant… I am going to rock these crop tops all Summer 2015 just as I did here in my Las Vegas Looks. Whether it be Las Vegas, Milwaukee, or wherever you may live… wear your fashion well so you FEEL fabulous and LOVE living in your own life!!!


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