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Maternity with the Family

…and flower crowns, of course! This was it. This was the Pinterest inspired maternity shoot I’d been dreaming about ever since my very first positive pregnancy test. Almost 5 years ago. My first due date was in July so I knew it would be warm and I could take pictures outside. Mother Nature had other plans and that pregnancy didn’t stick. Lillian was born in February, so I had to do my maternity pictures inside and managed to get some glam pics in on like the last day of Fall. (See HERE)

So now this baby boy having a due date in September meant that I would be nice a big and pregnant in August. Perfect warm weather to head to the Milwaukee lakefront for some family and preggo pics. I am so happy with how these turned out and made my boho maternity visions come true. Already have a couple printed out and hung up in the nursery… which I think I literally just finished today!

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