Suspended Work Space

Suspended Work Space Suspended Work Space Suspended Work Space Suspended Work Space Suspended Work Space Suspended Work Space Suspended Work Space

Living in a 1400 square foot house, built in 1942 means I have to make very conscious space planning and decor decisions. With the addition of my daughter to the Henesy house, my life, my world and my work space naturally changed drastically. Didn’t take a baby swing and Pack ‘n Play into account when I first set up my furniture, so a lot of our living space was dedicated to accommodating the new baby. As all households with a newborn. As she has grown, so much of our decor has changed and many things had to be lifted out of little arms’ reach, hung, fixed to the wall or suspended.

After moving my laptop  and “work space” back and forth from the dining table for the 100th time, my husband had the brilliant idea of a floating desk on the small, bare wall space. Of course! How come I didn’t think of that?! I immediately thought of a fellow Insta-mom who also lives in a Milwaukee mid-century home. She kindly shared with me to her source of inspiration by @dabito of Old Brand New. Wow! His suspended work space is so gorgeous and serious goals!!

We grabbed everything we needed at the hardware store in one stop. I chose the warmer wood tone and spray painted all of the hardware gold like the original designer. All white or white with gold hardware would be have a nice, clean look too. But this combo really feels the most mid-century. I spent the next couple of weeks obsessing over what was really the right pieces to pretty up my new suspended work space. I tried not to overload it with plants. I love the trailing leaves of the Philodendron, and I LOVE this adorable little yarn air plant hanger I crafted up one afternoon! The Target dollar spot calendar has been  my go to for several years because I love the size on my fridge and it fit perfectly here on a binder clip.

“Where you find no love, put love, and you will find love.” – John of the Cross


Quote card found locally at Inspired MKE and I framed this lovely little lady in black and white that I found on Pinterest. Functional items like file holders and card boxes to keep all that random mail and paper work organized and out of sight. Finally, one of my classic molded plastic dining chairs plus a chunky knit pillow I made, finishes this suspended work space. This really was the small space solution that I needed to keep momming, multitasking and love living in my own life!

*We did add bumpers to the corners for baby proofing. But she pulled them off repeatedly.

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