40 thoughts & things I’ve learned by 40

  1. YOU are the universe. I am the universe observing myself as you.
  2. Everything is a frequency. Literally everything.
  3. Learn your traumas and shame triggers as soon as and as best as possible to grow out of them.
  4. We can’t really understand any thing until we’ve experienced it. Period.
  5. People will disappoint you. Chances are everyone will disappoint you in some way. But we’re responsible for those expectations. And communicating them.
  6. Trust your gut about food. Educate yourself about food.
  7. Trust your gut about people. Bad vibes overlooked end badly.
  8. True friends will stick around through the years. 
  9. Marriage is work every day. Us showing up everyday.
  10. Motherhood is not pregnancy. Motherhood is showing up every day for your kids.
  11. Celebrating and appreciating others’ accomplishments should feel good. If not, see #3.
  12. Don’t put garments you love in the dryer. Ever.
  13. Pay attention to what you get jealous about. Shows where you need inpso and feel lack in your life.
  14. A big sunhat is one of the BEST anti-aging tools.
  15. Manifesting works best when handwritten and combined with gratitude.
  16. Put on your best looks when you feel the worst. Look good = Feel good most of the time.
  17. Your waitress doesn’t care what you order and is NOT the chef.
  18. Asking “why” will offend some managers and impress others.
  19. All anger comes from a place of fear. And that’s normal. Just recognize and check it.
  20. Appreciate differing opinions. Blocking people, on social and irl who challenge your thoughts also blocks you from growing.
  21. Friends are people you’re platonically attracted to. 
  22. If she can’t make you her friend, she’ll make you her enemy.
  23. Dress for YOUR body and best features.
  24. Dress for your skin tone. No one can wear all the colors.
  25. You’re true people will show up for you. Some physically, some emotionally. 
  26. Having kids still didn’t make me feel like an adult.
  27. Try to appreciate the current phase of your life. Things can change a lot in 1-5 years. 
  28. Miscarriage is grieving a death of someone you love so much yet never even met. 
  29. Alkaline foods are a daily necessity for overall health. 
  30. Reducing waste and plastic consumption is mandatory for modern life. 
  31. Dogs and cats look at us as they’re whole world. Respect that. 
  32. Having a mini me is a level of happiness and awe I can’t explain. 
  33. Empathy is a necessity for all relationships.
  34. Too much empathy is exhausting, coming from a empath.
  35. “Hustle” for your goals, but only if you want. Life balance is highly underrated. 
  36. It’s okay if you’re not Type A. Figure out how YOU work best and do that.
  37. Just about everyone is dealing with something. And nobody wins comparing who’s got it worse.
  38. Make moves. Take a leap. Don’t deliberate too long. Career paths are full of trials and errors and experimenting working in different fields or specialties until you find what you love. 
  39. Success is simply waking up in the morning in a good mood. 

    No one will ever analyze you the way that you do. And no one will ever love you the way that you do. Finding a healthy mental balance of that without slipping into self-absorption and/or narcissism OR anxiety and/or depression is the ultimate goal. We have to love ourselves. But our true selves. ALL the stuff, without being fake or projecting a better version of ourselves to avoid. We have to learn to love our flaws and flaunts. Our strengths and weaknesses. Because we ALL have them. You, me, Leo, Beyonce, Bezos…. we’re all human. We’re all the universe observing itself as each other. Again…. we’re all the universe observing itself as each other.

    Love yourself and take steps to love living in your life!

Author: Lauren

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