Sass in Black

Black Turtleneck and Camo pants

Plaid Blazer over Romper

Black Printed Blouse and Skinny Jeans

Fall fashion feeling sassy and serious in cool tones of black, grey, green and blue. One of my favorite things about The SoHo Boutique is always their modern twist on classic pieces. Unique and on trend, but always feels mature which I love as a 38 year old fashionista. I also love wearing black. But who doesn’t? Especially as we head into Fall/Winter.

Here, I’m sporting 3 different sassy looks with black pieces, prints and accessories. AND this is my first time wearing camouflage print, like literally ever! I’ve never liked it, I never thought that I’d ever even put it on my body. But never say never, because here I am, in this super sassy high-waisted pair with ankle straps. Plus the form fitting black turtleneck with the open bell sleeve detail to give the look a feminine military feel.

This plaid blazer is amazing. Fact: I haven’t bought a blazer in about 15 years. Because they all have looked awful and boxy on my broad shoulders. But this one is soft and so comfortable since it moves with you. The extra long length is on trend and allowed me to wear it as a “dress” layered over a romper. It even has shoulder pads and I still love the way it fits me!

Black print high-neck blouse with bow detail on the sleeves. Need I say more? This top would be so good for work wear with a wide-legged pants or a penci skirt. But for me, I knew right away I would love this top with high-waist denim and classic pumps. Added in a statement bag to top it off and love the casual chic look with just a little bit of sass!

Go forth and trend lightly!

Clothing and vegan leather bag: The Soho Boutique
Photography: Double You Photography

Author: Lauren

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