Boxwood Bow Tie

boxwood wreath

‘Tis the season to add more Holidecor! Every year I like to hang a real wreath on the front door. You may already know how expensive those can be. However, this beautiful boxwood wreath from Trader Joe’s is only about $13-$14! Now that is a perfect price. Last year, I’m sure I was just excited with the idea that more than 5 people (my condo neighbors) might be seeing my door wreath. I left it bare and there is definitely something to the simplicity of that… But as I drove away earlier today I thought, “Boy that boxwood is boring!” So when I returned, I went straight to my ribbon basket. Obviously. Wanted to share some quick pics of how easy this was to add a boxwood bow tie, dress up my door wreath with and how adorable and awesome recycling ribbon can be!

Holidecor How-to:

After rifling through the ribbon basket, I found one long piece of red and white chevron ribbon bought last year at The Paper Source that gives me happy eyes every time I look at it! Mine is 3/4″ wide by 60″ long. I like the scale of the 3/4″ width with the size of the boxwood, but 1″ width would look nice also.

chevron ribbon by The Paper Source
tie knot around a few sprigs top/center/inside of the wreath
tie into pretty bow and adjust loops
trim ends to desired length, angled or v-cut
trim ends to desired length, angled or v-cut
wreath hanger, used white for white door
a little ribbon goes a long way
boxwood bow tie
boxwood bow tie
bow-tied boxwood is Holiday happy!

It’s never too late to add more Holidecor and Christmas colors. I absolutely adore this easy wreath adornment!! Plus my new door decor colorfully coordinates with my DIY Candy-striped Christmas Stairs just on the other side! You can tie ribbons to any other wreath, real or faux, interior or exterior. So what if only 5 condo neighbors see it? Why not take a pic and share it? Tag me, and I’ll like anything with ribbon! I’d like to see your dressed up door wreath or boxwood bow tie. But the most important thing is that YOU will see it. And it will give YOU happy eyes too! It may just be one of those little things during the hectic holidays that makes you love living in your own life!


Author: Lauren

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