Sweater Skirt Set

Not that long ago I saw a sweater skirt while scrolling through Pinterest and loved the look. I shopped around somewhat, but not that diligently. Then I stopped into The SoHo Boutique in the Third Ward to check out their ever evolving inventory… and there it was. This heather beige midi sweater skirt, AND matching top!

Immediately tried it on, though I was worried about the beige with the color of my skin. But it was nice against my natural coloring. Also, the tight knit feels so quality and dreamy ON my skin when I’m wearing it! Is this how wealthy women get to feel every day?! I love the classic elegance and upscale boss lady feels from this sweater skirt set. I can see this look working for date night, a fancy lunch, church, and definitely most work related occasions, like client meeting/presentation/work social event. (*Not for an interview. This look is for after you get the job!)

Why it works:

It’s a set, that’s why it works! Obviously, yes. But as I mentioned above, dressing head to toe in a neutral/beige color can be tricky for women with pale skin. We have to make sure it doesn’t wash us out too much. This sweater skirt set would easily be amazing on any skin tone even just a little darker than me…and the darker the better for a nice contrast! The front tuck is absolutely necessary to make the look and define the waist. I’m petite and the skirt hits me mid-calf, so I chose matching neutral platform pumps to give me extra height and elongate my legs. Booties would be a great trendy option for someone taller than me. Accessorized with a long gold and black pendant, and the beautiful black vegan leather handbag.

Skirt set, Pendant, Handbag – The SoHo Boutique
Photography – Amanda Vick

Author: Lauren

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