Staycation at the Iron Horse Hotel

My real staycation style was this amazingly soft loungewear set by Simply Threads. Luckily, this set arrived the day before I booked this stay because I lived in it the whole time I relaxed in the room.

I ordered this polka dot tulle skirt for fun. And that’s just what it is to wear… FUN! Paired with a black body suit and patent classic pumps to dress it up and have a drink at the bar.

Proudly donning my postpartum goal denim here! I ordered these high-waisted skinny jeans 3 weeks after Bennett was born as future goals to get into them. 5-6 months later I did. Love how they cinch at my waist and make me look more curvy. Topped with this ivory cropped wrap sweater, I’m excited to wear more this Spring.

Staycation Style

Staycation or Momcation… whatever you want to call it. I took one just recently to press pause on regular, daily life for a mental health break. I felt like I was living in fast forward for so long. I just had to take a giant step back from Stay at Home Mom life, slow down and treat myself to a little staycation at Milwaukee’s famous Iron Horse Hotel. There I enjoyed plenty of much needed peace and quiet, while reading some new books and regaining some presence. I even got to watch MY shows and have my coffee and teas while they were HOT!

Of course, one of the best parts about a vacation is wearing new and/or different clothes. The same thing applied here for my staycation style. Even if I ate alone or was the only one at the bar, I still wanted to feel fabulous. So I brought along some new pieces that were waiting patiently with their tags on in my closet, and treated the hotel like it was my own personal castle.

Loungewear Set – Simply Threads
Black Bodysuit – Amazon
Polka Dot Skirt – Chic Wish
Ivory wrap sweater – Chic Wish
Skinny Jeans – Abercrombie
White Booties – Amazon

Photography by Amanda Vick

Author: Lauren

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