Pleated Maxi in Lake Park

Bridges of Lake Park Milwaukee

Trying to be cute and wordplay off one of my favorite movie titles. But I happen to know for a fact, that there is at least one more bridge in this park we didn’t take pics on. I took pictures on it a couple years ago during one of my maternity photo sessions in a gold sequin gown. I set out to find it again this day in my floral pleated maxi skirt, but got distracted by other cool bridges and scenes along the way!

Why it works:

I am definitely still crushing hard on skirts this season, and this pretty pleated maxi caught my eye. With it’s floral print and warm tones, it had me feeling like a woodland fairy. Therefore, a walk through Lake Park and all it’s bridges and flora. The army green crop top is a perfect compliment to the print. (I also tried on a white top, not good.) As we transition from Summer to Fall each year, the first layer we add tends to be a denim jacket. Classic, cool and easy. Love it. Plus the blue was a nice addition atop the beige pleated maxi skirt. And my favorite brown block heeled sandals, with matching leather wristlet to finish the look!

Crop Top – Amazon
Pleated Skirt – H&M
Photography – Amanda Vick

Author: Lauren

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