Montana: Red Lodge

Day two of our Montana trip left us with the first half of the day to eat, relax, and explore the streets of Red Lodge. I was so fascinated by this giant wooden bear sculpture, I had to take some pics with him. *Also saw a giant moose made the same way as we left town!

The notorious Pollard Hotel. Rumors have it that this hotel is haunted. Friends of our stayed there, but they only reported being haunted by their hangovers 😉

SO many cute spots in this little mountain town!

Ox Pasture

If I’d only made it down the whole Red Lodge strip on Broadway Ave. BEFORE having brunch this day! We’d already ate at a diner not worth mentioning, when I came across maybe the pretties and most perfect little Italian, better yet, Sicilian restaurant… How tragic again, I am half Sicilian and was so far from hungry. So I just snapped a bunch of pics!

Ox Pasture is the Montana location and part of the Piccola Cucina restaurant group. This interior was like a dream wrapped in an enigma surrounded by flashes of delight! I basically wanted to live here. When we return to Red Lodge, I’ll set aside several hours to actually eat here and live my best life for a while.

Wedding guest style

Time to get dressed in my wedding guest style and catch the bus out to the venue. This mural was on a school right next to our motel, and obviously the perfect backdrop for my emerald green polka dot pant suit by The Soho Boutique.

…this black barn though!

I also had some seriously handsome arm candy with Greg sporting the 3-piece, which is pretty much my favorite menswear look ever!

The wedding and bride were just stunning! Live acoustic guitars, horses in the pasture behind the altar, a waterfall, mountains and an engagement story that had me in tears and sniffles. Hands down one of my top 3 favorite weddings I’ve attended! I snapped some pics of this loveliness, but this isn’t my wedding to share and I want to respect the bride.

The whole Notre Dame crew, beautiful bride and groom behind his 21 year old cut out.

“Corporate free and groovy since 1961.”

Yodeler Motel

Packed our bags, grabbed my hat and said goodbye to our cute and quintessential mountain lodging, The Yodeler Motel. Headed back on the road and back to Mom life in Milwaukee. I was surprised and impressed with how much I loved Montana and Red Lodge. Greg and I agreed to come back, see our friends, visit Yellowstone and eat at Ox Pasture. Until next time Montana!

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