Mom’s Night Off at Milwaukee Marriott West

Mom’s Night Off

I have been a mom for nearly two years now, and in that time I’ve learned that Stay at home mom life requires regular Staycations. When you live where you work and work where you live and your job is 24/7, self care means a Mom’s night off and change of scenery. And since my side job is a blogger/influencer, I had the opportunity for a sponsored stay at Milwaukee Marriott West and try their new Corners of Brookfield Shopping Package! A match made in Heaven!!

So a couple weekends ago I kissed my husband and baby goodbye and headed west to the Marriott. Immediately upon entering I was impressed with the gorgeous lobby. “This is gonna be good!” I said maybe out loud. The lighting, the decor, the furniture was all on point. But still I couldn’t wait to get upstairs and lay down on a big cozy hotel bed. 

After a little bit of relaxing, a nice dinner and drink were a must for Mom’s night off. Luckily the Milwaukee Marriott West has a fantastic bar and restaurant, BLVD, right off that pretty lobby. I changed my clothes and put on some stilettos to feel fabulous. It was a steak and martini kind of night and the food did not disappoint. The lobby decor scheme spills over into the restaurant and who doesn’t love sitting in a fancy chair for dinner?

I slept so nice and sound! I had breakfast in bed, of course, and even did a little yoga in the exercise room. Then it was time to check out and do some shopping at the Corners of Brookfield. Treated myself to a cozy caramel latte from Goddess and the Baker while I shopped around the Corners using my shopping package that includes an overnight stay with breakfast for two, one $50 gift card, one discount card for select stores, a $10 gift card towards a coffee or bakery item at Goddess and the Baker and a convenient reusable shopping bag for all of my purchases.

After a full Mom’s night off and a full morning treating myself I felt relaxed,  rested and in the holiday spirit! Thanks again to Milwaukee Marriott West for this perfect partnership and your amazing hospitality!

Photography: Amanda Vick 

Author: Lauren

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