Midwest Winter Maternity

Winter Maternity

~Midwest Winter Maternity~

My third trimester began right about the same time that the 2016 winter arrived. Other women have said that being pregnant in the summer is the worst because it’s hot, and you’re huge and sweaty. But the grass is always greener and at this point, I have to disagree. Winter maternity is not a cake walk just because it’s not 85 degrees. When it’s 5 degrees outside and everything is covered in snow or ice, you have to layer up and lace up your boots… which is not easy with a giant baby bump making it difficult to even reach your own feet. What I wouldn’t give to be walking around in flowy summer maxi dresses and easily slipping on sandals!

I’ve scoured the pages of Pinterest for Winter maternity outfit inspo… And I’d be willing to bet that few of these models or bloggers actually even live in cold climates! Their outfits are very cute, but not realistic. A sweater dress with thigh-high boots? Nope. That Winter wind is too cold for any exposed skin, let alone it blowing up your skirt and onto your booty. A blazer over skinny maternity jeans and stilettos? No. It’s hardly safe to be walking around in pumps through snow piles or icy sidewalks for any woman, especially an expecting mother.

So in between eating, sleeping, insomnia, doctor appointments, baby classes and working on nursery decor, I snapped some pics of myself in what this mommy-to-be was wearing for real life Wisconsin winter maternity. Honestly, at 7, 8 and 9 months comfort and coziness becomes top priority.

*Picture quality not great, but not bad for being my own photographer.

Winter Maternity Winter Maternity Winter Maternity Winter Maternity

Cable knit sweater ~ Motherhood at Destination Maternity (on sale)

Tartan plaid scarf ~ Target (last year)

Winter Maternity Winter Maternity Winter Maternity Winter Maternity Winter Maternity

Maternity Leggings ~ Target / Black Turtleneck ~ Target / Open front cardigan ~ Gap

Winter Maternity Winter Maternity Winter Maternity

Winter Maternity

Medium was denim ~ Jessica Simpson for Destination Maternity

Side ruched striped sweater ~ (similar) Destination Maternity

Winter Maternity Winter Maternity

Preggo parka ~ H&M Mama

…I actually bought 3 pairs of the Target black maternity leggings and have had them on serious repeat since about 16 weeks when I couldn’t fit into anymore of my pants. It’s easier to find big tops to fit the bump than pants that don’t look like “mom jeans” (oh the irony). But a few trips to Destination Maternity was well worth the style and selection available. Plus this preggo parka from H&M was an absolute must for Midwest winter weather! I’ve been wearing it since being 6 months. So there you have it. Some of my winter maternity staples to stay cute, cozy and  most importantly comfortable while waiting for Baby Henesy to make her debut! Surely will wear some of these pieces postpartum while I recover and until my waistline is resurrected. Then they’ll go into storage and stay there until my next pregnancy. But for now, just waiting a few more weeks to meet my daughter and enter the wonderful world of motherhood! Love Lauren

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