Midi Skirt Mini Print

Mini Floral Print Midi Skirt

Pleated skirts have always held a special place in my heart. It’s most likely from my catholic school uniform and cheerleading days. But something about the pleats make it feel a little more dressy to me. I also enjoy that black floral prints have stayed around. I’m seeing more and more mini prints too, which is right on par with the current 90’s style revival. Though I’ve totally dressed it down here, this mini print midi skirt was great for our Sunday evening dinner and stroll in Fort Lauderdale.

Why it works:

The size, or scale, of a print is one of those big little things to take into consideration when dealing with personal and interior style. Because this is a mini print, which is busy to the eye, I put a solid black crop top on to balance it out. Then to add some warmth and Spring to my midi skirt, I put on my favorite faux leather Target sandals from last year and my new round rattan bag. Love it!

Skirt – *ON SALE American Eagle
Bag – Shop Red Dress

Author: Lauren

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