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In-home Maternity Session

A few weeks back, when I was 26 weeks, a local photographer, Lauri Baker, came over to do a private, in-home maternity session. I wasn’t really sure what to expect when she arrived, wearing a mask, while toting her backdrops and equipment. She set everything up in our master bedroom pretty quickly. Lauri even brought some maternity pieces from her own inventory that photographed really cool. Between her pieces and my wardrobe, I changed several times and we many different kinds of shots in a short time. I was impressed with how quickly she worked and nailed each shot. I mostly followed her direction, and trusted her angles and poses would photograph my baby bump well… and they did.

We did most of the maternity session during nap time while Lily was sleeping. Then she woke up and wanted to take pics of mom too! We even got Daddy in for a few pictures. It felt special to share a little bit of the experience with my husband and daughter too.

The final edits from this photo shoot are amazing. When Lauri sent me this gallery I actually teared up. These pics make me feel so beautiful! Absolutely stunning images from our in-home maternity session. Lauri also sent each image in both color and black & white. As you can see for some shots I had to post both. But I am really loving the drama of the black & white edits. Especially since they’re so different than my typical aesthetic. It really captures the beauty of the female form and the magic of motherhood.

I’m so happy and grateful that I did a session like this during my last pregnancy. Thank you again to Lauri Baker Photography for lending me her talents for the afternoon!

Author: Lauren

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