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Goldfish Swimming Lessons

This past summer, after noticing that our little Lillian really loved the water and playing at the swimming pool, we knew we wanted to get her into some swimming lessons. Living up here in the Midwest means pools are only open about 4 months out of the year…

Then I found Goldfish Swim School in Brookfield, Wisconsin and had the opportunity to collaborateThis amazing indoor facility has everything you could possibly need and want for indoor swimming. Rows of colorful changing rooms, mirrors, hair dryers, toys for the kids, and most importantly… a heated pool! When I found that out I was even more excited for our swimming lessons.

What we’re learning…

Each lesson for Lily’s age group starts and ends with a fun song led by the instructor. During the lessons we’re learning how to kick our feet, cup hands and pull the water, climb up the side, and float on our backs. Not to forget about Lily’s favorite activities, pouring water on each other’s head and gathering all the balls back into the basket. 

Most of all, at toddler swimming lessons, we’re learning about water, getting comfortable and familiar with the pool environment, and instilling water safety habits at early ages. We believe that swimming and water safety are important skills for Lillian to learn, which will give us more peace of mind every single summer!

We are very happy to have found Goldfish Swim School in Brookfield. Even heard rumors of another facility being built closer to the city. In addition to the weekly lessons, members can also attend any open swim times for extra pool time. What a fantastic option for indoor learning and fun as we head into the long Wisconsin winter!

Author: Lauren

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