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‘Tis the season of giving! I absolutely love wrapping gifts and giving them to loved ones. But getting ideas for the right gifts, for each person can be a challenge for me. That’s why I’m super excited to share my green gift ideas and have teamed up with eight other women, who are also making gift guides, for an awesome Amazon gift card giveaway. (Click HERE to enter, ends Friday 11/22/19).

Naturally, I chose to put together an eco-friendly, green gift guide for all my other modern hippies and tree huggers out there! But these items are all REALLY gifts for Mother Nature to reduce our waste and carbon footprints. So I would strongly encourage to give these green gifts to your friends and family who are in need of eco inspo and/or haven’t yet adapted a least-waste lifestyle. Give them some green gifts and the tools they need to get started living more green and stop using so much plastic!

9 Great Green Gifts to Give

Bamboo Travel Utensil Sets –

After using plastic forks at a few Farmer’s markets, I ordered all 3 of us these travel sets. My husband uses his at work and I keep mine and Lily’s in the diaper bag. I’ve used hers on many occasions just because the size was easier for her to use the size of the restaurant forks. I feel SO much better using these to refrain from using a few less pieces of plastic each time. Perfect for anyone!

Folding, reusable shopping bags –

My mom got me a set of these like a decade ago when I was a Chicago commuter. I love them! I’ve always kept a couple in my purse for impromptu shopping trips or just in case I need to carry something extra. They’ve come in SO handy in SO many circumstances. And these even fold right up and snap, no extra pouch to lose or find. Bring them to grocery store, Target or the mall to make less waste!

Countertop compost bin –

Every time I’m cutting veggies for dinner, I feel guilty about throwing the scraps away. Now that I have the yard space to garden and compost, I have no reason not to be reusing my kitchen scraps. This countertop compost bin is an awesome green gift for any farming or homesteading friend or family member!

Bamboo keyboard and mouse –

In the age of technology and tablets everywhere, these bamboo keyboard and mouse accessories bring a cool and natural aesthetic to any desktop. Great green gift idea for a special guy in your life!

Canvas grocery bag w/ compartments –

I’ve been waiting one of these for so long! A strong cotton canvas bag with compartments for fruit and vegetables. Should be with you on every trip to almost any store, and especially the Farmer’s Market. Perfect for just about anyone!

Travel mug –

I’m really good with bringing water bottles, but I’ll admit, I’ve gotten sloppy about forgetting/remembering to bring my own coffee cup with me when I leave the house. The times that I did remember and was able to bring my leftover brunch coffee or tea with me WITHOUT using a styrofoam cup or plastic lid felt fantastic! The key for me is to find a travel mug or water bottle that you LOVE! I love my Corkcicle water bottle, so naturally I looked to them for a cute coffee cup too. Love this pink, but a few other colors, like chic black and white, are available. Perfect green gift for anyone!

Reusable snack and sandwich bags –

Lily doesn’t yet go to school or bring a lunch anywhere but bring snacks everywhere with us. Love my reZip bags for kitchen storage, but these are a super cute with zipper closures for on the go. Made from cotton fabric lined with food-safe polyester lining that’s been tested lead-free, BPA-free, PVC-free, and phthalate-free. Other designs available. Perfect for any kiddo or toddler mom you know!

Cast iron skillet –

When I was pregnant, I really started getting particular and aware of the kind of cookware I was using. I brought most of them to Goodwill, and my husband recommended a cast iron skillet. We now have 2, a large and a small, that we use every single day! I cannot say enough good things about the cast iron. So much healthier, so versatile…and so much heavier. (All the old cartoons make sense now). Great gift for anyone and everyone that cooks food!

Houseplant –

And probably the greenest gift of them all… a houseplant! Especially if it’s an easy to care for and good for indoor air quality plant like this Snake plant. These are hard to kill, even for the black thumbs out there. I love to get a plant as a gift to add to my collection. Think of plants as gifts similar to flowers, except they last a lot longer. Perfect for anyone, maybe a boss or coworker to spruce up their desk space!

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