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Was recently invited to Wayne’s Daughters Greenhouse, a local family run nursery as the name suggests, to preview their inventory. *Opening Day is April 28th! Which was also a great opportunity to get some content for myself and a lil SS21 style preview. So Amanda and I headed down to Racine County and took 1000 flower pics.

How is it possible that I never owned linen pants before? Well I do now. And I love them. They came in a few colors, but I went for the classic beige linen look. Cuffed the bottom to trend lightly and make petite friendly. Paired with a square-neck, ribbed crop gives the pants a cool, calm and modern feel. *Sandals or mules only for this look.

I normally don’t wear off-the-shoulder anything, but I normally do wear dresses. Seeing a lot of these off-the-shoulder, prairie/milk maid style dresses out this year and I wanted to try the look too. I love the uber femme feels of the exposed collarbones in both dresses. Love the sleeveless ruffled white dress. Plus the pink dress, with the sleeves and the bow… YES! I mean it’s really hard to be unhappy in a Summer dress surrounded by flowers! *Despite what one may assume, it’s a little harder for us less endowed ladies to wear off-the-shoulder…. not as much to hold on to, ya know. BUT luckily, most of these dresses look cute with the sleeves on-the-shoulder too! I am really loving this dress style and all the quaint, vintage, American vibes it gives. Will definitely be trying and buying more of these styles to trend lightly.

Photography: Moon and Wolf
Location: Wayne’s Daughters Farm & Greenhouse

Crop Top / Linen Pants / Pink Dress / White Dress

Author: Lauren

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