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 Spring Home Decor or Easter Holidecor….

Faux Floral in 5 Minutes ~ Miniature Rose Bouquets


Today is the first day of Spring! We made it! One of my absolute favorite things that makes me love living in my life is having flowers around the house. Especially in the Springtime! However, we know that it is somewhat unrealistic and pricey to have fresh flowers around each week. Not to mention that even your favorite bouquet will die… and that’s why I take approximately 50 photos of each bouquet I buy/receive. Given that combined with the tree-hugger in me, means that I am not above faux silk flowers. They will never die! Just get a bit dusty. Easter is just over 2 weeks away. Whether it is for a bright Spring home decor update or to add pretty pastel flower arrangements to your Easter Holidecor, here is a quick DIY room decor tutorial on how to make your own custom faux floral in five minutes bouquets for less than $11 each:



I found these miniature rose bundles at Michael’s for $7.99 per bundle (Ashland Rose Bundle ~The link shows they are sold out online, but they most likely have in stock at your local store. Call ahead to check inventory) At the time I purchased they were on sale at 40% off. Michael’s is good for having many sales. So there is a chance you can find them, and find them on discount if you visit the store. I chose 2 blush pink bundles and 2 cream bundles.






The only tool you should need for this project is a pair of scissors, maybe. Simply untie the straw bows wrapped around the stems. There will still be a wire ring holding the stems together. Starting the CENTER of the bundle, grab one rose and start wiggling it loose. Repeat until you have separated every rose.

Q: Why are we taking them apart if we’re just going to arrange them back together?

A: This will allow them to “fall” as they will and give a more natural look to the faux bouquet. OR you could mix up the colors OR you could make one larger bouquet.

The navy vases shown are actually bathroom cups that I found on clearance at Bed Bath & Beyond several months ago. They’ve been sitting in the closet, I guess waiting for these silk flowers! The perfect marriage. I still recommend to shop the bathroom ceramics for less expensive, smaller scale ceramic vases. Who’s going to know it’s a clearance cup?!? Given that the navy vases are taller, all that you have to do is toss the roses in casually and place in your space!


GLASS JAR ~ $2.99 EA

For the blush bundle I wanted the low and full look, specifically in a glass cylinder. (Note* This is a classic design and decor element that is used often and immediately gives us an upscale yet comfortable feel. Also I will arrange real peonies in this same manner once they bloom. Just lovely!) I found these glass cylinder jars, came with an airtight ribber lids, for $2.99 each also at Michael’s ~ Libbey Flat Lid Cylinder Jar. Size: 15oz, 3 3/4″ diameter.






The glass cylinder is shorter, as I desired, and requires each stem to be folded before arranging in jar. Fold just about in half, or so the roses will pop out just over the rim of the jar. Again, achieving the low-lush bouquet. I don’t mind seeing the folded stems through the glass. I think it helps take up the negative visual space in the jar. The stems will be fussy after you fold them and you may have to grab ALL folded stems in one hand before placing in jar. You will have to push down and around until the arrangement looks natural and pleasing to the eye.


Now just place in your space!



Try atop a stack of books on a shelf….

Or to brighten up a bedside table….





Or flanking the mantle…

Or to sweeten up your side table…

I just love the instant cheeriness that a miniature bouquet can bring! Especially when the price is great for flowers that last forever. You can easily change out and rearrange these bouquets as the seasons, holidays, or just your mood changes. I hope this helps you love living in your life just a little bit more on our very first day of Spring 2015!

Do you have any tips or tricks on adding inexpensive flora and greenery to your space?


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