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Organic? Non-toxic? Plastic free? Affordable? YES PLEASE! I stopped using conventional lotions years ago and switched to almost only coconut oil to moisturize my body. In my pregnancy with Lillian I grew pretty big and gained a lot of weight during a Winter pregnancy. So coconut oil was definitely on my list of Top 5 maternity must-haves, and on my bump a few times a day.

We learn with experience, and with this pregnancy I’m already showing and pretty itchy at 15 weeks. When I was scratching my belly shortly after applying coconut oil last week, I knew I needed something stronger. Something like belly butter. I did a little research and a little Pinterest and decided to DIY my body butter!

Per usual, I go a little rogue when following recipes. So mine is a simple 4 ingredient, non-greasy homemade body butter for ANY body.




  1. In metal/aluminum bowl mash Shea butter by hand with masher or muddler as much as you can.
  2. Add in coconut oil and continue to mash. Optional: Warm mixture in bow on a very low heat stovetop for about 10 seconds only. This melts the coconut oil a little to mix easier.
  3. Using a hand mixer on low setting. Whip mixture until it is well blended.
  4. Add arrowroot powder and lavender oil. (10-20 drops/your discretion) Continue to whip with mixer for another minute.
  5. Pour into an airtight glass or reusable jar. (Mine was THIS 8.85oz jar) Use your body butter after shower or as needed and ENJOY!

Voila! Easy and organic body butter that feels amazing. Once the mixture cooled to room temp, I really love the whipped airy texture. The Shea butter has an earthy scent that I enjoy. I added about 12 drops of lavender oil, so I could see adding more of you don’t like the smell of the Shea butter. But the lavender is a great scent for this recipe.

I had to say, my whipped body butter was self care to make and self care to apply yesterday. Plus knowing it’s completely organic and non-toxic because I made it myself helps me love living in my life and brings me joy. Will definitely be making this body butter again and again, during and after pregnancy!

Author: Lauren

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