Denim at the Domes

Embroidered Denim

Photography by Amanda Vick Creative

Embroidered Denim at the Milwaukee Domes

A couple weeks ago cabin fever was really starting to set in for this Midwest stay-at-home mama. During one of our chats, my photographer Amanda, a Wisconsin native, suggested we take a trip to the Mitchell Park conservatory domes. YES! Great idea. Upon entering, I was filled with awe and instantly felt transformed to another place. Kind of like when Dorothy walks our of her door into Oz for the first time… Wow! how had I not visited here before?!

Recently purchased my very first pair of embroidered jeans! While shopping I thought why not trend lightly this Spring with some decorative denim details?! Not only do they fit like a glove and feel fabulous, I’ve gotten compliments every time that I’ve worn them so far. But how do you style embroidered jeans? Here’s one easy way I kept it simple and casual chic, with a little bit of sass.

Why it works:

A white cotton button down is an all-time classic look. Especially with almost any pair of jeans! The neutrality of the white shirt does not distract from the beautiful denim details. I tied mine to accent my natural waist, but a front tuck or full tuck would work well too. Did little cuffs on the denim to trend lightly with the season, and nude patent pumps helps elongate my legs (which is especially important for shorter girls with cuffed pants). Light grey clutch to add variety, yet still neutral. The other pieces of the outfit here are specifically to compliment and highlight the embroidered denim.

Denim ~ Express

Pumps ~ DSW

I loved this look and how I felt wearing it! Will definitely be a regular in my rotation. Hope this helps you to try the embroidered denim trend too. Go forth and trend lightly ladies!


Author: Lauren

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