Clean Candles

Clean Candles Non-Toxic Clean Candles Non-Toxic Clean Candles Non-Toxic Clean Candles Non-Toxic Clean Candles Non-Toxic Clean Candles Non-Toxic Clean Candles Non-Toxic

All candles hand-poured in Indiana, USA by Antique Candleworks


Clean Candles

The ambiance, the flickering light, the lovely aroma….how we all love the coziness that scented candles bring into our home! But what ELSE are they bringing into our homes?!? Scented candles make your space smell nice and clean, but are they stinking up the air you breathe with potentially hazardous chemicals? Are your candles Clean Candles?

I learned a few years back that some scented candles are extremely toxic for our air quality. Unfortunately that was after years and years of burning scented candles in my bedrooms and apartments. GAH!!!! Many candles are NOT clean candles. They’re made with dyes, chemicals and some even have lead in the wicks. All of that gets released into the air then into your lungs. So what to do??

Avoid these two P’s when shopping for clean candles:

Paraffin – Paraffin wax is a petroleum byproduct. (Enough said.) When burned it releases chemicals into the air. “If you ingest liquid paraffin or inhale paraffin candle fumes, you may have adverse reactions including nausea, vomiting, headaches or even benzene pollution that can lead to lung cancer.” –

Phthalates – “Phthalates, used to make fragrances last longer, are associated with damage to the male reproductive system, and artificial musks accumulate in our bodies and can be found in breast milk. Some artificial musks are even linked to cancer. And if you’ve got asthma, watch out– fragrance formulas are considered to be among the top 5 known allergens, and can trigger asthma attacks.” –

Therefore, for the past few years I’ve bought only clean candles from Antique Candleworks! Soy wax is sourced domestically and fragrances used are the highest quality available on the market. So now I can breathe easy when I want to light a scented candle. Pun intended. Especially now that little Lillian crawling around the house. Air quality is just as important as other baby safety precautions. (I also didn’t burn any candles or light the fireplace at all while pregnant.)

Antique Candleworks’ scents are amazing and these clean candles would be a great gift for almost anyone to give or receive! Anytime of year! A few of my Holiday favorites above, Christmas Day and Good Tidings give me those cozy Christmas vibes. And my biggest fave, Autumn Leaves, which I’ll burn anytime of year or smells so good!


Author: Lauren

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  • Thank you so much for sharing these! I have bought several candles before that were reused. Some of them smelled nasty and some smelled overly scented. I couldn’t stand those anymore.