Casual Fray-day

Casual Fray-Day

I know this look may be a little too relaxed for your casual Friday at work, but when you can slay some frays, you should! Distressed denim and frayed hems are still totally on trend this season. As well as more 90’s throwback elements. Like the color combo and horizontal stripes on the shirt. I really love this outfit because it reminds me so much of something my younger self would’ve worn to high school! Except my wide-leg jeans would’ve been frayed just from dragging on the ground over my Vans, because that’s what was cool. That’s how we frayed back in the day!

Why it works:

I was already loving the red, white and navy blue striped top with the light denim wash. And I’ll admit I was skeptical about adding this army green jacket to this outfit. But when, I put it on, it surprisingly made so much sense! You wouldn’t wear a black jacket, nor more denim with a jean jacket. The green works. I went with white sneakers for extra casual with the frayed hem. But this could easily work with the right flats or heels…as long as they’re NOT black!

Coat/Top/Denim – The Soho Boutique
Photography – Amanda Vick

Author: Lauren

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