Boho Blouse in a Greenhouse


Boho Blouse Boho Blouse Boho Blouse Boho Blouse Boho Blouse Boho Blouse Boho Blouse Boho Blouse Boho Blouse Boho Blouse

Photography: Amanda Vick

After a loooooong Wisconsin winter, we finally thawed out up here and Spring blooms began to pop up! For months I stared longingly out the back window wondering what my garden looks like and waiting to get my hands back in the dirt. I’d completely forgotten all that I planted and what I was like to be outside without being bundled. I’d prefer not to have to put a jacket over my outfit… Like this adorable embroidered boho blouse! But I have arrived y’all. Shopping for flowers in Kellner’s gorgeous greenhouse without outerwear required was beyond refreshing, and a real treat for this plant lady/flower child!

I’ve never been one for ordering clothes online or subscription boxes, but since I’ve been working with Wantable, they just may have made me a believer. This white and navy boho blouse arrived in my latest style edit, and I was instantly in love. Surprisingly, because I never would have pulled this from a store rack. But since it was delivered to me, it just makes sense to try everything on. The blouse makes the 3rd or 4th piece that I’ve received that has broadened my fashion horizons!

Why it works:

Because the boho blouse is embroidered, we want to highlight those darling details vs detract from them. Therefore we keep the rest of the look simple. I chose skinny jeans without any holes or rips to keep the look a little cleaner, and in a deeper wash to coordinate with the navy and contrast with the white in the blouse. Tan sandals to compliment the dark blues. Sun hat and side braid to add to the boho vibes and flowery feels.

To start your subscription, go to Wantable, and complete your style quiz. Then view the “Stream” tailored to your answers and request or decline clothing items. You can also make notes to your stylist to request specific pieces, like this boho blouse… Or just wait and see what arrives monthly! It’s kind of like Christmas year round. Go forth and trend lightly.

Author: Lauren

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