Baby’s First Cup

Just before Lillian was 6 months she started holding her bottle independently and had even figured out to tip it upwards as she drank more of the formula. (I was able to feed her breast milk only for 5 months, which was only 1 month shy of my 6 month goal. Hooray!) So, I decided try a big girl cup one day…

baby's first cup baby's first cup baby's first cup baby's first cup baby's first cup

…she did pretty good! And has gotten better each time I’ve given it to her with new solid food routine. We have the Natural Fit 2-pack trainer cups by Chicco. Available at Buy Buy Baby. I really like it for baby girl’s first cup to start weaning her from the bottle. Basically these cups were made for that. Because it’s 2017 and they’ve pretty much thought of everything for babies by now! The handles are perfect for little hands, and are easily removable for cleaning as and she grows they’re not needed anymore. We also got the Rim trainer cup and the Straw trainer cups. This collection is amazing for any baby’s first cups. 3 different bottle sizes and 6 different spout options that are all interchangeable…. THAT’S what I’m talking about! There are so many things to purchase for a new baby, but adding to a coordinating collection that grows with baby makes so much more sense than buying random cups and bottles here and there. Which top fits with which cup? One less thing for mom to think about and therefore making my life a little bit easier. Also all BPA free, PVC free, latex free, and dishwasher safe. Which are super important to me when it comes to my family.

I’m not sure which I like most about these cups, the coordination, the practicality, or how I feel entranced by the ergonomic shape?! But it’s one of those little things that’s giving me all the good vibes and helping me love living in my mom life. Had to share my fabulous little find and of course, more pics of my cutie patootie!

Author: Lauren

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